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Covid Vaccine Ruined Intentionally At Wisconsin Hospital

An employee intentionally removed 57 vials of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine from a refrigerator last weekend according to reports coming from Wisconsin. Advocate Aurora Health confirmed the reports and said that they were initially led to believe that the removal was an error. However, the employee later acknowledged that the vaccine was intentionally removed from the refrigerator.

Covid Vaccine Ruined Intentionally At Wisconsin Hospital

The Grafton Police Department was notified soon after it came to notice and they confirmed that the employee tampered with the vials of covid vaccine. The FBI is looking into the matter, and the FDA is also informed by the Grafton police.

Aurora said that the employee violated the core values of the organization and was fired. Apart from that, they have also informed appropriate authorities for further investigation into the case. Aurora confirmed that no other employees were involved in the incident and they plan to announce further information in the next few days.

Covid Vaccine Ruined Intentionally At Wisconsin Hospital

About 500 people would have received the vaccine from those vials as each vial has enough vaccine for 10 doses. The vials were removed on Friday by the employee, and it was discarded on Saturday even though they could have used it within 12 hours after removing it from the refrigerator.

According to official reports, the Moderna vaccine can be easily stored at freezer temperatures for many months, and there is no problem when it is properly stored in this manner. Even when it is stored in regular refrigerators, it can be easily used for 30 days, and it is a lot simpler to transport when compared to the Pfizer vaccine. However, once it is removed from the refrigerators, it cannot be refrozen. The vaccines can be kept in room temperatures for up to 12 hours.

Health officials have been very careful in this regard as the vaccines have become an asset for the country to fight against the pandemic. When the initial doses of the Pfizer vaccines were sent to Wisconsin, the health officials had not disclosed the regional hubs which were used to store the vaccines. The state health officials stored the vaccines in eight regional hubs for further distribution, and they did not reveal the information citing security reasons. They had even consulted the Department of Homeland Security in this regard.

The authorities did not want to have any security risks associated with the vaccines, and they used safety measures to store the vaccines. The department of health services also confirmed that they are storing the vaccines in a secured place as it is precious at this moment. However, the Moderna vaccines are less fragile when compared to Pfizer and they have been sent for distribution to various parts of the country. The authorities did not clarify how the Moderna vaccines are stored in Wisconsin.

It is surprising to see such acts by medical staff as everyone treats them with great respect for the kind of work they have done during the pandemic. Such acts by few people will cast a shadow on the entire medical fraternity. The authorities have made a good decision by removing the employee with immediate effect. A proper investigation by the federal agencies is needed to ring out the truth in this case.

Several anti-vaxxers also tried to stop the mass vaccination program by distributing false information on social media platforms. However, the authorities are able to curb such rumors and control the menace to some extent after getting support from social media companies. The case of damaging vials intentionally should be treated seriously to prevent such incidents in the future. It is important to provide proper information about storing the vaccines to hospital staff so that they can handle the vaccines properly.

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