Covid Vaccine And Vaccination, The Most Trendy Word In 2021

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 7, 2022

Coronavirus has impacted millions of lives around the world, and thus it is not unexpected that the most trendy words on social media in 2021 were vaccine and vaccination. As per reports, it is known that both these words have been used as much as 63.72 million times in 2021 alone.

Covid Vaccine And Vaccination The Most Trendy Word In 2021

The next trendy word was cryptocurrency or bitcoin, capped at 19.59 million times with pandemic ranked at 3rd spot with 19.58 million references. This was calculated from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, and many more. 

Covid Vaccine And Vaccination The Most Trendy Word In 2021

Many people state that social media is a curse, while others say that this is a boon. Pandemic has made people who were not on social media come on the platform as they were in home isolation with nothing much to do. 

Christy Davis, who works as a nurse in New York City, stated that she was away from her family for more than a year since the pandemic started. The only way she could be in touch with her family and friends was through social media.

Christy stated that on most of the days the pressure used to get to her and after coming back home, watching some random funny videos was the only way she could cheer up and get ready for the next day. 

Authorities also benefited a lot from social media as they could make the people aware of which areas were highly infected. Many of the hospitals made the announcement on their public handle stating that vaccines are available and at what time can the people come in for getting a vaccination. This helped many people as they need not go to hospitals or nursing homes to check for the availability of the vaccines.

One of the reassuring things was that celebrities shared their coronavirus story and how they got over it. Many people got inspired by this, and since celebrities have a huge following, the message was received by the masses within a short span of time. 

Any news on social media can spread within minutes and go viral, this helped government officials in making a successful lockdown even if the announcement comes at night time it was well-received by the people, and not many people would come out the following day. 

However, as much as social media can help the world there are millions of fake news as well doing their rounds. This has caused some problems in the initial stage as people were not sure whether to believe them or not.

One of the major problems due to fake news was during the kid’s vaccination. There was a news article which stated that if kids are vaccinated, they won’t be fertile and won’t be able to make babies when they grow up.

This had caused widespread panic and many of the parents refused to get their kids vaccinated. However, scientists and researchers addressed this issue, stating that the same vaccine has been given to adults in a larger dose and there hasn’t been an issue with fertility.

If there has been such an issue, then the birth rate would have gone down since the vaccines were administered at the start of 2021. However, there hasn’t been any decline in the birth rate which shows that the news is fake and the vaccines are well tested many times before they are administered to the common people.

This did get most of the parents to get their kids for vaccination; however, there is still a lot of fake news on social media. The government has already asked the people not to trust social media blindly, and they should do their own research before making a decision.

Nikki Attkisson

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