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Sufficient Stock Of COVID–19 Vaccines & Booster Shots In USA For Kids

U.S.A health authorities claim they are confident about every qualified American citizen being able to get a vaccine for Coronavirus with over forty million COVID 19 vaccine doses available.

With more than forty million doses of coronavirus vaccines in stock, the U.S.A health authorities are confident that every qualified American citizen, be it the older age group Americans who are due for their booster doses, as well as young kids for whom initial vaccination doses are likely to be sanctioned in the near future, will be duly vaccinated.

Sufficient Stock Of COVID–19 Vaccines & Booster Shots In USA For Kids

After last week’s federal recommendation for booster dose, the rise in demand for vaccines will be the first important leap in months.

With the average per day COVID 19 death rate reaching up to 1900 in the past few weeks, over 70 million Americans are yet to be vaccinated despite providing multiple incentives in the form of free food, lottery prizes as well as pleas from health care workers.

Sufficient Stock Of COVID–19 Vaccines & Booster Shots In USA For Kids

According to Federal and State health authorities, the steady production, as well as supply of vaccine doses, can smoothly take in all the citizens due for boosters as well as initial vaccine shots. Health authorities said there is unlikely to be a repeat of the low rollout of COVID 19 vaccines that had happened earlier this year.

Governor of Colorado Jared Schutz Polis said that he hopes the public is keen on a booster dose and so there is enough demand for it as well. He added that currently there is more than enough stock of Coronavirus vaccines available for all.

Adding to the United States of America’s global supply of COVID 19 vaccine Pfizer, President Joe Biden has promised to export another 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine to the world, thanks to the consistent supply of the vaccine.

Many Aid agencies, as well as health organizations, have encouraged the U.S.A and other developed nations to improve the supply of vaccines in relatively more backward countries where even susceptible citizens are yet to get a shot.

One of the main challenges faced by a lot of States is to avoid ordering a lot of doses and eventually having to waste them. The many states with low vaccination rates like Kansas and Idaho are known to have reported discarding away expired doses of vaccines in thousands, whereas some states have been struggling to use up doses that are close to their expiry date in the coming fall.

As per the U.S Food and Drug Administration, depending on the maker, most vaccines can only be used for up to six or twelve hours. While vaccines can stay on the shelf for months if unopened, the clock starts ticking as soon as the vial is opened.

Moderna vaccines are supplied in vials having eleven to fifteen doses. Pfizer vaccines come in a vial containing six doses whereas Johnson & Johnson vaccines come in a vial containing five doses.

Further adding to the concern of vaccines getting wasted because of multidose packaging, Wisconsin’s health secretary, Karen Timberlake said that since vaccines don’t come in a single shot individual package, over time there will be a rise in the number of unused doses that will have to be discarded. 

In a bid to avoid this wastage, State health officials have said they are trying to bring in only that many doses from the federal supply which health care providers and pharmacies are expecting to require.

But U.S officials are also keen on keeping enough stock available, hoping that the unvaccinated citizens will change their minds.

This balancing act between unused and wasted vaccines on one hand and keeping enough supply available anticipating a greater demand, on the other hand, can get tricky and lead to global distress as nations like Africa are struggling to get enough doses.

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