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Covid-19 Vaccines Bot Required For All Americans –why?

COVID-19 cases continue to surge worldwide so does vaccine hesitancy. NYC will soon be the first major city to compulsorily require proof of vaccination to be allowed to restaurants, gyms, and other public places.

Covid-19 Vaccines Bot Required For All Americans –why?

Amidst this anti-vaccine protests were held in the Massachusetts statehouse in Boston. Dr. Marty Makary a senior professor at the John Hopkins University has argued that mandatory vaccination for all living Americans is not an ideal idea and is not supported by science. She also expressed concerns regarding the two doses of vaccine for young people.

Covid-19 Vaccines Bot Required For All Americans

Is it required that all Americans should be vaccinated?

Ideally no, but those Americans who choose to get vaccinated are putting themselves and others’ health to risk. Vaccines are known to downgrade the infection caused by the virus to a mild seasonal virus infection. If someone is already immune, then unvaccinated don’t put them to risk. More than 85 thousand American citizens lose their lives to alcoholism and drug overdose. There are no strict public health concerns towards issues that are preexisting. It is a known fact that a virus can’t infect if someone is young and healthy. Vaccine mandates for health care workers and front-line workers are definitely a mandatory decision but declaring something like all living Americans, newborns should be vaccinated doesn’t make sense.

Added to this few already have a natural immunity because of prior COVID-19 infection. There is an ongoing debate about people’s natural immunity. But the trust in natural immunity has to be huge because in natural immunity the body develops antibodies to the whole surface of the virus. The vaccination just creates a spike in protein. A recent Israeli study found out that natural immunity is almost 6.7 times higher than vaccinated immunity.

So vaccination for people who are already naturally immune doesn’t have scientific support. A Cleveland clinical study found that vaccinating people with existing natural immunity was not adding to their health protection. This has made Anti-vaccine supporters urge people to talk about immune and non-immune instead of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Thus if someone has no natural immunity they have to get vaccinated.

The primary goal of the citizens must be decreasing death rates, hospitalizations, and illness. Instead, a wave of vaccine fanaticism has crept. It was found about a third to half of Americans have natural immunity. This was an analysis of California residents. This study also stated that 38% of Californians and about 45% of residents of Los Angeles were naturally immune.

The focus group right now should be the group of non-immune Americans who are getting affected by the Delta variant. The vaccination should be easily available for this non-immune group in the US. Vaccination to kids is another issue. The risk of infection was found to be more for those with underlying health conditions. A data showed that out of 330 COVID deaths in kids nearly all had a preexisting health condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of hospitalization in kids is 0.3 million by end of July 2021. There is also a shocking study that suggests that the two-doses of vaccination may be a high dose which may cause inflammatory responses from the body. Only one dose may be ample for kids. So until it’s officially declared it is better to get the kids from age 5 to 12 vaccinated only for one dose at minimum.

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Currently, it’s a concern that CDC hasn’t suggested that if one or two-dose is required for young adults. This research must be of high priority because it gives proper guidance in getting kids vaccinated and reduces other risks. 

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