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Covid Vaccines And A Higher Risk Of Death Not Linked, CDC Says

A study CDC released recently says that COVID 19 vaccines don’t increase the likelihood of death. According to scientists, this attests to the safety of the vaccines in use in the country.

There is no link between an increased likelihood of death and COVID 19 vaccination, CDC says. This, in fact, is lower when compared with those unvaccinated. This held true even after including the factors like age and gender in the study.

Covid Vaccines And A Higher Risk Of Death Not Linked, CDC Says

Scientists analyzed the data of almost 11000000 people. The participants had enrolled in the vaccine safety tracking sites during the time period of December 2020- July 2021.

They could not find any increased likelihood of death among those vaccinated against COVID 19.

Covid Vaccines And A Higher Risk Of Death Not Linked, CDC Says

The finding, according to scientists, attests to the safety of the vaccines currently in use in the country. Deaths do happen even after vaccination. But not many studies have analyzed deaths that do not have a connection with COVID 19 among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Rumors about deaths after COVID 19 vaccination have been empowering anti-vaccination campaigners nowadays. The percentage of death for Johnson & Johnson, unfortunately, is not as minimal as the other two vaccines the FDA has authorized. This, according to scientists, may be because of other risk factors and risk behaviors among those who receive the J&J and the mRNA vaccines.

In the meantime, experts have pointed out another serious danger. The consequences of a pandemic on the educational system have hit hard the most vulnerable groups in the country.

A majority of students have now returned to in-person learning. But certain difficulties still continue as families and schools are trying to navigate through the crisis. Certain students miss classes for one day at regular intervals due to late school buses. When combined with the 14-day quarantine if exposed to COVID 19 make matters worse. Analysis shows that the following groups suffer the most due to the complications of the pandemic on schooling:

  • Families without a private means of transportation
  • Low-income families
  • Others struggling with other financial issues
  • People who don’t speak English
  • Children with special requirements

At times, schools have to handle COVID 19 outbreaks. And then comes the quarantine rules for children exposed to the virus. All these create a situation when schooling becomes some type of gambling for uninformed families. People have no idea of whom to turn to for information. At times, those responsible to communicate become difficult to reach out to.

Certain schools also struggle with a shortage of drivers. In such instances, children fail to attend because school buses don’t reach on time.

There are those who complain that while they take one child to school, another misses classes for that day.

Some face the barrier of language. They are unable to know when schools conduct programs to help out students infected with the virus.

Some may be able to learn remotely. But there are families that still don’t have access to the internet. Some don’t receive instruction at all.

The unpredictability of classes leads to long days of absence. And this according to teachers, may damage learning in the long run.

If exposed to COVID 19, children with special needs are sent home with no additional support from their schools. This renders them unable to complete their homework. And it is an extra burden working-at-home parents have to deal with.

Certain school districts are offering a program called “test to stay” that lets students stay in school even when exposed to the virus. They, however, have to test negative for the disease. This, they do, to minimize days of absence from schools.

But parents still consider pulling their children from schools because of inconsistent school buses.

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