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COVID 19 Vaccines From Moderna Offers Strong Protection For Six Months, Even Against The Delta Variant, Studies Show

Moderna’s Coronavirus vaccine protects its recipients from Coronavirus at least for six months, research reveals. This applies even to the Delta variant, the dominant strain across the country. Scientists are trying to find out the possibility of the protection lasting longer.

Researchers were able to find antibodies that bound all the identified variants including the Delta strain in all the patients they tested. They published their reports in the Science Journal. The team tested blood samples from two dozen volunteers who were fully vaccinated many times in a time span of six months. It began after four weeks of the first dose of the Moderna shot. They repeated the test at three points after they were fully vaccinated. As mentioned above, the process continued for 180 days.

COVID 19 Vaccines From Moderna Offers Strong Protection For Six Months

At the highest point of the response time of the second dose of the vaccine, all of them had responses to all the variants, they said. ? Within two weeks of the second dose of the shot, antibodies had neutralized all the variants, the report. The team had included all the worrisome variants that were identified as of now; B.1.1.7 (Alpha), B.1.351 (Beta), P.1 (Gamma), B.1.429 (Epsilon), B.1.526 (Iota), and B.1.617.2 (Delta).

COVID 19 Vaccines From Moderna Offers Strong Protection For Six Months

The variant that appeared to evade the protection was B.1.351. The strain was first detected in South Africa. After six months of vaccination, only a few blood samples could completely neutralize the Beta strain of the virus. But 96% of the samples could completely neutralize the Delta variant. The team also noted that antibodies alone will not reveal the truth. After a while, the body starts generating certain immune cells named B and T cells that are there to fight against viruses.

Those who displayed veining immune responses, according to experts, maybe producing memory B cells meant to deliver boost responses that may become more active with an extra dose of the vaccine. The team also could not find sufficient evidence to show that immunity wanes in the elderly. They categorized the blood samples they received based on age. They saw that even the most aged among them had antibody responses to all the variants after six months of the second dose of the vaccine.

The genetic mutations of the virus differ for each variant. Thus the scientists had to test each one separately. They found out that the main villain who made immune systems weaker was a mutation called was E484K. This is the mutation that is found in the Beta, Gamma, and Iota.

Additional research is required to determine the efficacy of the vaccine for the variants that may emerge in the future. But Moderna vaccine is highly effective for the time being.

In the meantime, FDA is about to authorize a booster dose for the two-dose shots in use in the country. Both Moderna and Pfizer use almost the same technology; the mRNA method. But health officials still maintain that a booster dose is not required at this time. There is no evidence to suggest that vaccine-induced immunity wanes after a while.

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Immuno-compromised people may need it, the agency said. FDA is working to authorize a third dose at the earliest. Certain people have already started obtaining booster doses through malicious means. Some told the authorities that it is their first dose. Some used fake names for the purpose.

Health agencies like WHO, on the other hand, are asking for a stop to such a campaign. Richer nations have already used up 50% of the global supply of vaccines. And the trend has to be reversed. The entire world has to get vaccinated. If the virus is there even in a single place, the world is not safe, it warns.

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