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Dangerous COVID 19 Variants May Shatter The Dream Of Normalcy, Experts Warn

The US is preparing to get back to normal. States are in a bid to relax restrictions. The cap on the number of people during public gatherings has been relaxed. Districts here are preparing to bring back students to schools for in-person learning. Travel industry is experiencing renewed energy.  There were more than 1000000 passengers every day in the airports across the country. TSA informs that this is the situation for two weeks now. It is a record since the lockdown started in 2020. Health experts, however, warn that time has not yet come to relax. As per the data from CDC, the country is seeing at least 1000 deaths every day. And the number of infections is still high; up to 60000.

Dangerous COVID 19 Variants May Shatter The Dream Of Normalcy, Experts Warn

CDC also pointed out that vaccines are doing their job very well. The number of deaths among the elderly has reduced to a great extent. Still, new variants of the virus are spreading all over the country. Some States are witnessing up to 10% rise in its weekly average. The variants like B.1.1.7 may spread faster and may cause a plateauing effect in the nation’s efforts to fight off the disease. When the country faces a more contagious virus, we realize that the things we considered low risk pose a higher risk. These are also creating problems in treatments. The US government has halted certain antibody therapies due to them being ineffective against certain variants of the virus.

Dangerous COVID 19 Variants May Shatter The Dream Of Normalcy, Experts Warn

At present, the country’s goal is to vaccinate as many Americans as possible. This, according to experts, will minimize infections and hospitalizations. There exists optimism with regard to inoculation. President Biden has set a target of supplying 250000000 doses of vaccines in the weeks ahead. Even then, there is a cause of concern. Health officials recommend administering of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in two delayed shots. This implies that even in a perfect scenario, the country needs more time to get back to normal. To gain the magic number of herd immunity, the US needs at least five months. This too will happen only if we are able to convince at least 70% of the population to receive the two shots. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you need to practice utmost caution when in contact with outsiders.

According to health officials, the number of infections in the US is quite high. In such an instance, even fully vaccinated people are advised to wear mask when interacting with unvaccinated persons

States are increasingly expanding vaccine eligibility to all adults. Even then, health experts advise that the country should not ignore warnings. . As per the current trend, analysts estimate that more than 600,000 people will die due to COVID 19 by July. This implies that almost 59,000 people will die in the coming three months. And according to health professionals, the country could have saved 10000 people if the current 75% use of masks increased to 95%.

Most of the States in the northern part of the country are witnessing an increase in the number of infections. The most affected State here is Michigan. This may be partly due to new variants and partly due to relaxation of restrictions, experts observe.

The supply of vaccines is increasing with every passing day. And States are expanding eligibility to include all adults. Minnesota, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida and California have informed that they will expand vaccine eligibility to all adults starting from mid-April. Six states have already

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