New Covid Wave Makes Life Hard In United States

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 5, 2022

With the onset of Omicron, life has been changed once again in the US, and people were getting back to the new normal after the delta peak in summer; however, Omicron has caused many of the offices to be short-staffed once again.

New Covid Wave Makes Life Hard In United States

Dr. Megan Ranney, a professor of medicine from Brown University, stated that Omicron has now reached every corner of the US, and you can find at least one positive case in every street.

New Covid Wave Makes Life Hard In United States

Schools are the worst affected as parents are not sure if they should send their kids to school or stick with remote learning. In a brave move, Atlanta Public School (APS) stated that all district schools would function with remote learning till January 10.

This will give both school staff and students to be tested and then the authorities will decide if they need to continue with in-person learning or not. This move was followed by Dekalb County Schools and Fulton County schools as well. 

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that kids should be protected more as they are not given booster shots. This makes them susceptible to Omicron easily. Duke University stated that they are seeing a high number of cases among the students and faculty members as well, due to which they will be continuing with remote learning.

Samuel L Stanley Jr who is the University President stated that in-person learning is effective and it helps both students and teachers. However, given the current scenario, it is best to switch to remote learning so that people can be safe and comfortable in their homes.

The US government has asked people to get their vaccinations as quickly as possible, and if they are eligible for a booster dose, they should get that as well.

As per the data from CDC, it states that the minority races are not getting vaccinated as fast as the white population which is of some concern. 57.8% of the White population has been fully vaccinated while that of Black and Asian populations are 10.1% and 6.4%, respectively. Hispanic minority saw an increase in vaccination and now stands at 18.8%.

The US is now seeing a large number of vaccinations, and it has been stated by the White House administration that 507.7 million doses have been given out. This comes out as 153 doses have been given to every hundred people.

President Joe Biden announced that these are really good numbers and it also proves that most people have at least taken one dose of vaccine which keeps them one step away from the virus.

Many of the smaller county`s resident doctors are still to get the booster shots. In earlier vaccine distribution, the federal government made sure to distribute the vaccine equally which made it available to all the hospitals and nursing homes.

However, this initiative was not taken by the government while distributing the booster shots and was distributed to the areas which had more cases.

This led to unequal distribution of the booster shots with many of the smaller regions which did not report cases earlier now seeing a massive influx of cases.

Another issue is that the doctors have not taken the booster shots, so it is hard for them to treat the patients who come in with Omicron as there is a possibility of the virus transferring from the patient to the doctor.

Nursing homes are now arranging the booster shots on their own. President Joe Biden has asked the pharma companies to increase their productions so as to meet the public demand for booster shots. It is expected that in the coming week’s booster shots would be available to all the front-line workers.

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