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Covid19 Cases: Fauci Warns January Will Be Worse Than December

Fauci has said that January will be worse than December in terms of covid 19 cases. December has already become the deadliest month ever since the pandemic began in March.

According to the latest reports from the CDC, more than 60000 deaths have been recorded in December, and it has even broken the record of April.

Covid19 Cases: Fauci Warns January Will Be Worse Than December

The number of hospitalizations across the US has not come down below 100,000 since the last one week. This goes on to show the intensity of the recent covid surge in the country.

Fauci Warns January Will Be Worse Than December

The recent surge was seen after the Thanksgiving holidays, and the CDC has said that a similar surge will be seen even after the Christmas holidays.

During the Thanksgiving holidays, many people traveled, and this led to the surge, according to experts. Not only that, the festival gatherings also contributed to the surge in a big way.

Considering these issues, the CDC had instructed travelers to avoid all non-essential travel during the year-end holidays.

However, a record number of travelers were screened across the country by the TSA in recent weeks. In this situation, the CDC has indicated that a huge increase is expected in the next few weeks.

The health authorities have also informed the hospitals to be ready with the needed medication and facilities to treat covid patients.

States like California are already under severe pressure as they are running out of hospital beds for covid patients.

The state has a good hospital infrastructure, and the state is divided into five zones. When one zone is seeing an increase in hospitalizations, the other zone will be able to take the additional burden.

In this way, the state can handle the health crisis by having backup from other zones.

However, the recent situation is so bad that all the zones are facing a similar crisis, and there is a severe shortage of ICU beds.

The situation is reaching a similar mode in other neighboring states. Considering the shortage of ICU beds, the CDC has said that any further increase in hospitalizations will put the health care system into a deep crisis.

According to estimates by health experts, about 200,000 additional deaths may be recorded in the US due to covid 19 in the next two months.

As of now, the pandemic has resulted in more than 322,000 deaths since March. When compared to the recent surge, the forecast seems bigger, according to experts.

Close to 10 million people traveled across the country during the Christmas holidays, according to reports from the TSA.

Considering the high numbers, experts are worried that this will result in a huge surge post-holidays. The CDC had warned that travelers should stay at home during the festival season.

Apart from that, the CDC had also recommended that travelers should go for covid testing before they take the flight.

In this manner, covid positive travelers can cancel their holiday plans and stay safe at home. Apart from that, the CDC also said that travelers should also get tested after the trip.

When the testing is done twice in this manner, it will become easy for travelers to keep safe from the infection.

In case they are infected, they will be able to detect the infection at an early stage. This will help them to take adequate treatment before the health deteriorates.

Several patients reach hospitals late, and this is the reason for the increased number of deaths.

If patients manage to get suitable treatment in the initial stages, they will be able to recover quickly, and this will help the hospitals to handle the inflow of patients.

The problem arises when more number of critically ill patients join hospitals at the same time.

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