Cricut Maker Black Friday Deals 2020 On Amazon: Get Upto 70% Discount!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 25, 2020

Cricut makers are the ultimate cutting machines that you can use to make a variety of professional arts and craft projects such as store quality greeting cards, vinyl stickers, fabric design cuts, thick leather designs, jigsaw puzzles, etc and lots more.

The intricate designs and level of detailing you can achieve with this device is amazing. 

It is a must-have for arts and craft enthusiasts for sure, but it can be quite expensive.

With the Black Friday sales week underway, you can now find amazing deals for getting your hands on one of these machines at a total steal, if you are vigilant. 

Amazon is rolling out its holiday offers through lightning deals and limited time offers only, so be sure to keep an eye on your preferred variant to make sure you don’t miss out on exciting deals. 

Visit Amazon to Find Cricut Maker Black Friday Deals 2020 and Get Up to 70% Discount.

Cricut Maker Black Friday Deals 2020 On Amazon


Cricut Maker – Rose


A classic Cricut maker with a rose-colored top end. 

It comes with powerful blades, pens, and scoring tools and is great for everything from paper crafts, iron-on, and vinyl decals to sewing projects, leather crafts, etc.

With the Cricut maker design space you get access to hundreds of digital sewing patterns with endless project possibilities. 

As you learn to use this device over time, the more creative and advanced your projects will become. 

This variant currently has a 19% discount which brings down its price to $299. Further discounts can be expected in the coming days so make sure to check back on it regularly. 

Cricut Maker – Champagne


This variant is very similar to the previous one with changes in color – here the top is champagne colored and the base layer has a charcoal ash color. 

It is also priced slightly lower at $349.73 without any offers currently. So, make sure you check out this device regularly as well because this variant is anticipating a steeper discount rate than the previous product. 

I have been paper crafting for many years and feel like I really kept myself out on the loop of such machines. My neighbor introduced me to her Cricut Maker and let me trail it for a week. Honestly, I was hooked and knew I had to get my own. The amount of time I save die-cutting/stamping is unbelievable. I have had no issues with Cricut Design Space either. The software works great for me and the possibilities are endless. The design of the Cricut Maker is stunning and looks great as part of my crafting collection. It isn’t a cheap purchase but honestly, for me, it is worth every penny. This bundle included everything I needed to get started straight away, so I have time to think if I need any additional purchases such as the scoring wheel, etc.
Joanna Louise Faith

Cricut Maker With a basic toolset and vinyl sampler


This variant packs the classic Cricut maker along with some other beginner tools for getting you started at once. It includes: –

  • Basic toolset

– A Pair of scissors that can cut cleanly with its micro-tip blade and can provide precision cuts with almost all materials. They are made with hardened stainless-steel blades.

– A Pair of tweezers that are designed with a reverse grip feature  which enables them to lift and secure in one step.

– One spatula

– One Scraper

– One weeder

These items are all perfect for vinyl, paper, iron-on projects, etc.

  • Premium vinyl and samplers

– ‘Strong and permanent’ is an adhesive vinyl that can be applied easily to many materials. It is UV and water-resistant and can last up to 3 years with proper use.

– Sampler colors including 6 sheets of tomato red, orange, maize yellow, Kelly green, medium blue, and forest green. 

This Variant is currently priced at $599 but we are expecting discount offers in the coming days.

Cricut Maker Machine Bundle


This particular variant of the Cricut maker machine comes with a starter kit bundle that includes a lot of other items to improve your initial experience. Which includes:

  • Fine point pen with fabric grip and light grip.
  • A welcome book that provides an introduction to Cricut makers
  • Cricut access free trial membership – very useful to beginners
  • 50 ready-to-make projects including – 25 sewing patterns from their website, Materials for your first project, 8 Sheets of vinyl, and 2 sheets of transfer paper.
  • 12 exclusive vinyl designs with project inspiration and technique book
  • Help for DIY vinyl projects – a digital book for using vinyl. 
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • 4 sheets of Iron-on glitter heat transfer
  • 12 exclusive heat transfer vinyl designs and project inspiration technique book.

This Cricut maker bundle seems to be the most bought product on Amazon with over 3,377 global ratings. It has averaged a whopping 4.7/5 stars, so it’s a hit product as well.

Currently, this Cricut maker bundle pack is being sold at $499.99 but the Black Friday offers should start rolling out soon. 

Cricut Joy Machine

Cricut Joy Machine Bundle

For those crafters out there, who simply enjoy the hobby of crafting and designing and therefore not very keen on making a huge investment for it, comes the new compact and portable alternative – The Cricut joy machine. 

It is a smaller and lighter Cricut machine that performs almost all of the functions of a proper Cricut maker on a smaller scale in terms of size and shape. 

It is also connected to the design space and has access to all of its vinyl pattern library and fonts.

Cricut joy can make continuous cuts up to 4 feet and repeated cuts up to 20 feet using Cricut smart materials. The great thing about it is that you don’t need a cutting mat like the other Cricut machines. 

This version of Cricut joy is being sold at $169.99 currently with a 6% discount. It also includes – Cricut joy cutting machine, a Premium fine point blade, fine point pen, standard grip mat, welcome card, and a free trial membership to Cricut access.

You can opt for the starter bundle which will include a toolset comprising of blades and probes. It will cost around $185.64.

Or it is best to get the vinyl bundle which will pack vinyl rolls, smart labels, and multiple pen sets, along with a replaceable blade, all for $236.91 currently.

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