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Cuba Is Soon Going To Get Its Own Vaccine Against Coronavirus

At times when Cuba is facing a surge in cases and number of deaths due to coronavirus, the island is on the verge of getting its own vaccine against the diseases.

Cuba Is Soon Going To Get Its Own Vaccine Against Coronavirus

The Cuban Government has announced that two out of four vaccine candidates are entering into the third phase of the homegrown vaccine’s clinical trial. 

During the pandemic, when the developing nations are competing with the rich nations and struggling to get hold of some of the vaccine doses, Cuba is trying hard to produce its own vaccine against the virus. 

Cuba Is Soon Going To Get Its Own Vaccine Against Coronavirus

Two of the vaccines, Soberana-02 and Abdala, are going to enter the final trials this month. The island is already reporting incidents of new cases of COVID-19. So far, till the end of 2020, the island has responded actively to the pandemic and have kept the number of cases under control. But in December, the island was reopened to International travelers. And now, a lot of new COVID-19 positive cases are being reported.

The Caribbean nation has seen the worst month in terms of positive coronavirus cases in February. According to a statistic by the Cuban Government, in the month of February only, the island has witnessed about 108 deaths due to the COVID-19 infection and around 7642 new coronavirus positive cases.

The Cuban scientists working on the COVID-19 vaccines said that they are expecting a positive and game-changing impact of their vaccines on the country. The vaccines are going to control the number of COVID-19 cases in the country and improve the economy of the island that is being stalled due to the pandemic. 

According to a researcher with the Finlay Institute of vaccine, a government-aided organization, the main of the third phase clinical trial of the vaccines is to prove the efficacy of vaccines on the candidates. With this, they will be able to mass distribute and administer the vaccine throughout Cuba and even outside the country. In March, with the start of the third phase trial, the Cuban scientists are expecting to vaccinate about 44,000 trial candidates. 

As per the researchers, already about 300,000 vaccine doses are produced. The production and supply will be ramped up after the successful third phase trial. The Soberana-02 vaccine will soon then be available to the public. 

Apart from Cuba, Iran is already in the process of the widespread trial of the Soberana-02 vaccine. Mexico is still in talks with the Cuban Government to start the trial of the vaccine. Suriname and Ghana are expected to buy the vaccines when these are finally approved and ready in Cuba.

Doctors, who are administering the vaccines, have reported only mild side effects. Till now, not a single patient is reported to show any sort of serious side effects to their vaccines. The mild side effects of the Soberana-02 vaccine include light pain, raised temperature with fever, stiffness in the arm that received the dose, mild discomfort etc.

The Soberana-02 is the widely tested Cuban vaccine on the island. It is a conjugate of the spike protein from the coronavirus and is bind to human cells. 

The researchers are not yet sure about the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the COVID-19 infection. Also, studies and research are undergoing to clarify if the recipient requires three doses to get complete immunity. 

Apart from proving the vaccines’ efficacy and safety, the Cuban Government also needs to show the production capability of their vaccines. If two or three doses of the vaccine are required, around 30 million doses are required in Cuba alone. Apart from this, the nation would have to deliver the doses to the collaborative nations as well.  

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