Custom Keto Diet Reviews(2022): Rachel’s 8 Week Personalized Keto Diet Plan!

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : April 8, 2022

Hello Everyone! If you’re seeking a genuine Custom Keto Diet review, this one might be helpful.

Custom Keto Diet is a diet plan that helps you practice a healthy keto diet according to your physical features and goals. Custom Keto Diet is designed by Rachel Roberts who along with experts after hours of research and testing drafted the guide.

The diet plan has hit the market with several loyal customers and readers that have found life-changing results with the book. The book helps one to practically engage in the ketogenic diet without feeling it is a burden. In this article, you will also be reading about what’s inside the ebook and how it is helpful for those trying to lose weight.

Custom Keto Diet Review: Does This 8 Week Diet Plan Really Work?

You are probably someone extremely eager to find a way to lose weight, or new to the Custom Keto Diet reviews. All the Custom Keto Diet reviews on the web focus on those who have tried numerous hacks and diets, yet failed at shedding that excess fat.

Even if you follow the best keto diet plan, cutting on carbs and adding more fat, you might not be able to gain the expected results! The author of the Custom Keto Diet plan assures effective and permanent weight loss without having to compromise on your favorite food items.

In this particular Custom Keto Diet review, we will be discussing the product in detail and various factors related to what makes it different from other supplements and the dosage, side effects, and effectiveness. You will also have an idea of how much you might have to invest if you decide to buy the supplement.

Custom Keto Diet reviews
Product NameCustom Keto Diet
Used ForWeight Loss
Custom Keto Diet CreatorRachel Roberts
Key Benefits
  • Helps to lose weight fastly
  • Help you reach your health and body shape goals
  • Reduction in inflammation and improved gut health
  • Increase in energy and mood
  • Item FormDigital Program
    Custom Keto Diet Features
  • Easy to use
  • Easy recipes for preparing the meals
  • Get a personalized keto meal plan
  • Duration8-week 
    Custom Keto Diet Price$37
    Money-back Guarantee60 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is the Custom Keto Diet all About?

    Custom Keto Diet is a diet plan that is customized according to your body, goals, taste bud, and circumstances. There is no easy-go method with these plans, but a systematic and structured plan that will eventually help you get to your desired body size. 

    As said in Custom Keto Diet reviews, the 8-week long custom keto meal plan claims to be helping you organize your diet and lifestyle in a way to achieve weight loss. Though there are different kinds of keto diet methods, all of them aim at achieving ketosis.

    It is a metabolic state when your body starts using fat instead of carbohydrate for energy. When the body is in ketosis, your body produces ketones to fuel and energize the body. Ketones are the alternative energy source of the body when it is in a Ketosis state.      

    Custom Keto Diet is a detailed plan of meals that you can consume to achieve the desired results. The Custom Keto Diet weight loss program provides you with an 8-week meal plan that is tailored to your needs. According to an expert 8-week Custom Keto Diet Plan review, the program has helped many in transforming their body image. 

    Custom Keto Diet meal plan focuses on people who are in search of a science-based, well-designed program that can help improve without compromising their favorite food cravings.

    Creator Of Custom Keto Diet- Rachel Roberts

    Custom Keto Diet Creator

    The author of Custom Keto Diet is Rachel Roberts. She along with a group of experts in various fields came up with the 8-week meals plan. She worked with chefs, nutritionists, and fitness consultants to come up with the best meal plans. 

    The Author realized how most often people fall into pits in a hurry to lose weight. Often, they are not aware that all the trouble they go through is not helping them because of their lack of knowledge.

    Every individual’s body is different and hence there is a need to customize your diet plan according to your body.

    She found that the Keto diet is helpful to customize according to each person’s need, size, and situation. Hence she designed the 8-week meal plan and wrote Custom Keto Diet.

    How Does Custom Keto Diet Program Work?

    As per Custom Keto Diet reviews, there are mainly three steps to help you set your journey with Custom Keto Diet meal plan. These steps are carried out to figure out what food fits you well and to help you achieve your desired results. 

    🔺The first thing you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire. This is to get an idea about you and your preference. This includes your gender, your present activity level, your food preference, age, weight, height, and desired weight. This will help to create a customized and detailed meal plan for you that includes your choice of food. You will have to be honest when answering the questionnaire and provide the correct email address to receive the customized meal plan.

    🔺Step two is where you pay for your customized meal plan. They will take you to the payment gateway and you can proceed to purchase your customized meal plan.

    🔺The last thing you have to do is follow this plan as mentioned. You will have different meals, recipes, and grocery lists in the plan. This helps you cook delicious food that suits your taste. You also need not worry about wondering what to buy, as you have a personalized grocery list that helps you figure out what you need to buy to cook your choice of meal.

    Custom Keto Diet Working

    What Does Custom Keto Diet Include?

    As mentioned in this Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet review, Custom Keto Diet is personalized and every meal plan, grocery item, and the recipe is designed exclusively for you.

    Custom Keto Diet includes a list of grocery items, different meals you can choose from, and also a variety of delicious recipes that you can try at your home.

    👉Custom Keto Diet is an 8 week customized meal plan. The best part about this plan is that it is solely put up with you in mind. This means that you are in for a journey that is customized to your age, weight, choice of meal, and much more. During these 8 weeks what you will be consuming is what is best for your body. It is not about cutting down on food, but more about eating what is healthy for you. The entire plan is formulated from the experience of experts in the field like nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers. 

    👉You will get guided to an optimized diet, based on ideal calorie intake. Completely based on science-based methods, you will get the ideal calorie intake guide that matches your body’s healthy living requirements. 

    👉The digital program will include delicious meal recipes that are well-researched and tested by leading keto chefs. Rather than just focusing on healthy recipes, you will get hold of healthy and mouth-watering recipes. It will also help you customize the meals as per your taste preferences, making your diet enjoyable.  

    👉You will also get customization instructions to further alter the diet plan according to the user’s preference. It will help one choose a healthy alternative to their favorite food, without making it unappetizing.

    👉The Custom Keto Diet plan tries to make Keto interesting by adding meal plans with a number of food varieties. To make your diet enjoyable, it ensures a range of nutrients in different ways.

    👉The digital program contains step-by-step instructions that help the users prepare their own food without any hustle. You will be able to cook even if you don’t have an idea about cooking. 

    👉You will not have to search over the web to find the grocery list required to follow a ketogenic diet. With the Custom Keto Diet program, you will also get a downloadable grocery list for each progressive week. 

    Custom Keto Diet Benefits

    Custom Keto Diet Side Effects

    Yes, anyone can start a keto diet. As long as you are not ill you can purchase the plan and begin your ketogenic diet. It is best to consult a doctor if you have any medical condition.

    There are no side effects of the Custom Keto Diet weight loss program as it is a diet inculcating all that your body needs. The food intake is limited to what is necessary and the meals are charted out based on your body type, age, gender, etc. 

    Pregnant and lactating women may stir away from the diet as they may need a different amount of nutrient intake.

    Is Custom Keto Diet a legit program?

    Once your body enters ketosis, it becomes part of your life. But then it is best to have a meal plan charted out by professionals to help you understand what is best for you. This is why Custom Keto Diet is a great deal. If you ask, does the Custom Keto Diet work, the reviews and testimonials prove so!  

    It gives you exactly what you want and is suitable for you. There is no shortcut to losing weight, so if you are someone planning to get into Custom Keto Diet, do remember that it is a long-term process.

    Is Custom Keto Diet plan legitimate is the question even I had in my mind when I first thought of going for it. I had to go through research and now have experience as well to attest that the Custom Keto Diet program is a legitimate weight management plan to choose from.

    Custom Keto Diet Customer Reviews and Complaints

    Custom Keto Diet reviews approve it to be a reliable and trustworthy program for Ketogenic dieters. I couldn’t find any negative Custom Keto Diet customer reviews or complaints from genuine customers. This might be because this digital program is scientifically proven and designed completely based on research by experts in the field.   

    • Noah, Raleigh

    “I was always doubtful about the ketogenic diet as I have heard many negatives about it. People even used to tell that the Keto diet can be harmful enough to kill oneself! But my weight was going out of control each day and I couldn’t help it. After trying almost all the available weight management solutions, I finally reached Rachel Robert’s Custom Keto Diet meal plan. After going through the Custom Keto Diet reviews on the web, I was only half-convinced to go for it. Only when one of my best friends recommended it, I could decide on going for the Custom Keto Diet program. 

    It was really refreshing and rejuvenating to follow the 8-week meal plan, which really helped me shed almost 30 lbs from my overweight. Unlike the common notion about the Keto diet, Custom Keto was simple and easy to follow. Hunger cravings were the biggest threat and that was controlled very well. If anyone asks me whether the meal plan is good to go, I would definitely say yes!” 

    • Julia, Omaha

    “Whenever someone teases me for my weight, I had this trait of blaming my country’s lifestyle for it. It was during my junior college days, I found my body weight going out of control. Yes, I did eat all the junk and fast foods available. I always had sugar cravings, which I kept nurturing with a bag full of candies and chocolates. It all ended up when I started falling for the handsome boy in the college. It was heartbreaking for me to hear his answer to my proposal. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a couch potato! 

    Like everyone, finding the best weight loss solution and getting into the dream body became my revenge for him. I tried many things for a couple of months and failed miserably. I happened to read Custom Keto Diet reviews on the web, which felt interesting. It took only 8 weeks for me to have a great transformation! The one who rejected me got startled to see the drastic change. Beyond everything, I started feeling healthy and energetic throughout the day. Thanks to Rachel Roberts for developing the Custom Keto Meal Plan!”

    • Amanda, Atlanta

    “Recently, I take more than usual to get ready. Because I love the way I have become after joining the Custom Keto Meal Plan. Being in my late 30s, I thought I would never be able to lose the extra weight I put on during the postpartum period. No diet seemed healthy as I am concerned about my baby’s health too. But, I wanted to stay healthy as well. What to include and what not to was the biggest confusion during this period. The Custom Keto Meal Plan helped me customize my diet the best way.

    It even helped me save myself from postpartum depression and other health complications. The diet program is a boon to those who gained weight during postpartum, and hopeless about their weight management.”

    • Calvin, Minneapolis

    “My weight loss journey was not at all different from those who have suffered obesity at least once in their life. I had to go through all the painful situations and mental troubles. With trying all the diets and workout plans, my life got miserable each passing day. There was not much noteworthy progress other than me getting sunk into depression. It was my doctor who suggested trying the Custom Keto Diet plan as a last resort. There wasn’t any other solution remaining to reach my weight loss goal. 

    The eight-week meal plan was beyond words! It was very convenient, yet effective! I never had to starve to lose weight. When I had allergies to certain ingredients in the diet plan, I could get it customized very easily. Unlike other diets, it had a lot of food varieties. And, cooking for myself never felt boring with the step-by-step recipe instructions provided in this digital program. I should call the Custom Keto Diet weight loss program an all-inclusive and effective diet plan that anybody can try! My transformation was really magical, and I can never thank the people behind the program enough!

    Custom Keto Diet Customer Reviews

    Custom Keto Diet Pricing and where to buy?

    You get a great deal with the Custom Keto Diet meal plan as you only have to make a purchase one time to have lifetime benefits. This means that you can use this best diet plan for a lifetime.

    However, you can’t get the Customer Keto Diet free of cost. The program was originally priced at $97 and now it is sold at a discounted price of $37 only.

    You also have a money-back guarantee of 60 days. This means that if you are not satisfied with the Custom Keto Diet program within 60 days of purchase, you can get a 100% refund without any complications.

    It is only available on their official page. Do not fall into any internet scam. Many illegitimate sellers sell fake programs and plans under the same name.

    Final verdict on Custom Keto Diet Reviews

    If you are looking for lasting results in regards to losing weight, this Custom Keto Diet review is a great option for you. It is normal for someone to wonder if the Custom Keto Diet plan is legit.

    With all that it states, it can be unbelievable. Custom Keto Diet customer reviews pretty much give you the answer you are looking for. If you are someone on the road to shedding your weight, then this is the best diet meal plan for you. In Modern times with our lifestyles being busy, ketogenic diets seem suitable and balanced.

    It is also one of the practical diets that you can follow without worrying about any kinds of side effects. This 60-day money-back guaranteed digital program is designed by professionals from various fields and grouped by the Author Rachel Roberts.

    With a Custom Keto Diet porgram, you will have a plan charted out exclusively for you. This means you need not worry about eating too little or too much. You will be consuming meals of your choice at the exact portions and calorie intake as you should.


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