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Cvs Stops Administering J&J Vaccine In Its Pharmacies But Offers It In Small Clinics

CVS Health has stopped administering Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine. However, the network offers it in 10% of its retail locations. They are spread across 25 states and in Washington D.C.

The company announced that it introduced the change over several weeks.

Customers can avail of the shot from its 1000 small retail locations.

Cvs Stops Administering J&J Vaccine In Its Pharmacies But Offers It In Small Clinics

MinuteClinics are located inside the company. They provide non-emergency services like vaccines or diagnostic tests. In the meantime, the pharmacy will continue administering the two-dose vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna across the country. Its spokesperson refused to comment on the impact the change had on its network. But he said that the new measure will help the drug store in its supply chain. According to its annual report of 2020, CVS has up to 9900 retail locations all over the country.

Cvs Stops Administering J&J Vaccine In Its Pharmacies But Offers It In Small Clinics

Johnson & Johnson responded to the statement. The company remains committed to the cause of eradicating this pandemic at the earliest. A single-dose vaccine is definitely a great tool for the world in its fight against COVID 19. Studies show that the single-dose shot is effective against all the strains of the virus that are prevalent at present. This remains consistent across all geographical locations and ethnicities.

Federal officials too hailed the vaccine as a blessing when FDA authorized its use in February. Full vaccination just requires a single shot. Furthermore, they can store this vaccine at refrigerator temperatures for a long.

The general public, however, refuses to believe the reports of the shot’s efficacy against Coronavirus. Recent delays in its production and the rare side effects are seen as worrisome.

The emergence of the Delta variant has fuelled people’s doubts about the effectiveness of the single-dose vaccine. Some are even looking for ways to get a booster shot to fortify their immunity. The cities like San Francisco allow people receive a booster shot after receiving the J&J vaccine.

The decision of CVS to stop administering the J&J will affect a large number of Americans.

The perception of the J&J vaccine is not as bright as that of its two-dose alternatives.

Till Tuesday, the country has administered 13.5 million doses of the J&J vaccine. It is nothing when compared with a combined total of 333.6 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s two-dose vaccines.

According to health officials, the company suffered badly when FDA recommended a pause in administering the vaccine for a few days. The agency did so as per the reports of six women developing a rare but serious complication after receiving the single-dose shot.

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The general public comes to know of it. They read that J&J’s single-dose vaccine has been called off from the market. Coming out of such a blow is quite difficult.

FDA, however, lifted the restriction after ten days. Studies suggested that the vaccine’s benefits outweighed risks.

Both Johnson & Johnson and FDA still say that the single-dose vaccine works against severe infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. The company said last month that its vaccine is effective against the currently dominant Delta variant. The vaccine’s protection lasts for months.

CDC recommends the administration of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine. It protects you against severe illnesses like its two-dose counterparts. It just wants you to be aware of the rare side effect the shot may cause. It happens mostly in women in the age bracket of 18-40. Even then, it is rare. The complication is even rare among other age groups.

The blood clots happen only in seven out of 1000000 million doses administered across the country. Thus its benefits outweigh its risk. And the shot should be offered to everyone who requests it.

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