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A Dad From Florida Returned Home After Getting Covid Treatment

For Robby Walker, standing up to brush his teeth is a great achievement. But for doctors, the fact that he is alive itself is a remarkable thing. The 52-year-old dad now has a tough time speaking for long.

He, however, is now using his remaining abilities to educate others. He wants to make sure that no one is forced to go through the struggles he had.

A Dad From Florida Returned Home After Getting Covid Treatment

For Susan Walker, the loss of her husband was something she could never bear.

Robin, the father of six children had not received his shots against COVID 19.

A Dad From Florida Returned Home After Getting Covid Treatment

He got infected and became seriously ill. Pneumonia attacked his respiratory system and he desperately needed ECMO treatment. But the hospital where he was being treated had no such facility.

ECMO uses external machines that function as lungs and heart for a patient. And it is used generally in patients undergoing organ transplantation. Critically ill cardiac arrest patients and COVID 19 patients too get benefited from the treatment.

Robby’s family contacted 169 hospitals. None of them had ECMO facilities available at the time. They said that numerous COVID 19 patients are receiving the treatment.

A health professional from Connecticut happened to see her emotional appeal. And decided to help her out.

After 90 days in ECMO, they taught him to walk yet again. Afterward, he came back home. By this time, he had chosen his calling.

A few months ago, Robin was a strong man. He owned a construction firm. He used to go to the gym and had the habit of running 8KM each day.

According to Robby, he did everything he wanted in the 52 years of his life. At present, he has limitations. His lungs have got scars. And his vital capacity is quite low. He has to stop at short intervals while speaking now. He lost 50 pounds of weight in the hospital. And his muscles are all gone.

At present, to sit on a chair itself is a 5-6 minutes long process. He cannot stand for long. And his heartbeat increases up to 20 a minute at times.

He spent one month in a physical therapy center after completing his ECMO treatment. There, he had to relearn how to walk and complete his daily routine.

Today, Robby is dependent on a walker. Small tasks themselves are great struggles for him. His heart gets straight after beating faster for a few seconds. But by that time, exhaustion overwhelms him.

On 25th July, Robby contacted Susan and informed her that he had given his consent to be intubated. COVID 19 patients who require ventilator support don’t live long. Their phone calls with their families before signing up for the papers often are the last contact they receive from them.

Robby cried on phone and requested Susan to get vaccinated at the earliest. She yielded. But she could not do anything for her husband.  Doctors told Susan that her husband is on the verge of death. And the ECMO treatment is not available in the hospital.

Susan narrated her plight to a reputed channel. While a doctor, living 1200 miles away, checked his newsfeed on Facebook, happened to see it. He decided to help her and contacted his chief of cardiothoracic surgery Clinic of New England.

With much effort, they found her family. In two days, Susan arranged for a medical evacuation team who took her husband to the hospital.

He was brought there in a state of coma, intubated, and almost dead. And the doctors could not guarantee them his life. After 22 days of ECMO treatment, they sent him to a rehabilitation center where he relearned the basic functions of life.

Even though with limitations, Robby is wiser and celebrates every step of his improvement towards his earlier sturdier self.

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