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Danger Now Poses As Tennessee Stops Outreach Programs To Children For All Vaccines

Key Points:

  • For all vaccines, Tennessee officials have put a stop to the outreach programs to children. 
  • The Decision could lead to an increase in Covid-19 cases among children, the experts say, especially with the most contagious variant around the corner. 
  • The experts have to say that the decision could also develop a rise in various other illnesses that need vaccination, like whooping cough and measles. 

Danger Now Poses As Tennessee Stops Outreach Programs To Children For All Vaccines

Tennessee Department of Health officials has mentioned that they have decided to put a stop to all vaccine outreach programs, for children. This is not just for the coronavirus but for vaccines of any kind. This announcement was made as soon as the state fired its top vaccine official who was known to be Dr. Michelle Fiscus because she was known to make an attempt to increase vaccination rates all around the state and due to her quoting a 1987 Tennessee Supreme Court ruling that stated that minors who age from 14 to 18 most of all, in cases, receive treatment without any parental consent. 

Danger Now Poses As Tennessee Stops Outreach Programs To Children For All Vaccines

The new position of the Department of Health is known to be an explicitly “devotee” move that is driven by the state’s Republican Legislators, Fiscus, and the rest of the critics said. 

Fiscus also stated that she should’ve been more politically aware that she apparently “poked the bear” during the time she sent a memo to medical providers while clarifying a 34-year old Tennessee Supreme Court ruling. She says she is not politically operative as she is a physician who has been, until today, imposing protection of the people of Tennessee considering its children, against avoidable diseases like the coronavirus.

These actions have raised concerns among the physician’s group and patient advocates. Devin Jopp, who is the CEO of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), stated that they are completely worried about how it is not the time to touch any information regarding the Covid-19 vaccinations. A statement was recently released by the APIC officials responding to Tennessee’s change in the response for the vaccine, denouncing efforts to reduce vaccine outreach.

Jopp says that sadly, their actions mean only fewer people who are allowed to receive the vaccine, will get it, which in turn shall lead to more and more cases, deaths and hospitalizations. This could lead to being a tragic outcome when the vaccines that we have are 95% effective in preventing illness that should not be taken lightly. 

Immunizing the Lot-

What has potentially profound immunity is the policy changes to limit the vaccine education and events to just adults and not children. Children under 18 make up to 20% of the population. It could be impossible to reach “herd immunity” without that 20% of those children. 

Dr. Jose Mayorga, who is an executive director at the University of California in Irvine’s Family Health Centers, says that she is a physician and parent to three girls and it sure is difficult to explain why they would not want to let it out with the public benefits of getting a vaccine which eventually will protect against the deadly viruses and bacteria. 

As a nation, we need to put a stop to think about how the virus is not that harmful or impactful anymore, especially to children. There are hospitals for children throughout the country that continue to document an increase in hospitalizations and children who are admitted in the ICU, she said. Long Coronavirus cases have been detected in children, she added, as a parent herself, she cannot comprehend the idea of letting her children be at risk like that and parents begin to understand that to end the stressful pandemic, we need quite a lot of eligible adults and children to get vaccinated. 

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