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Data Suggests Link Between Myocarditis And Moderna Vaccine

Emerging reports show that there may be a link between a higher risk of a heart condition myocarditis in young adults and the Moderna Covid vaccine.

The new data is still being investigated by federal health officials. Two people who are familiar with the review have said that the condition is still rare.

The CDC has reassured people that getting the vaccine is still the healthier option as being infected by the virus puts the person at a much greater risk of developing heart inflammation than getting the vaccine.

Data Suggests Link Between Myocarditis And Moderna Vaccine

Data from Canada that suggests that the Moderna vaccine may carry a higher risk of this rare condition is being examined by officials at the FDA and CDC. This condition is more likely to affect young adults as compared to those above the age of 30. Data from the US is also being analyzed in order to determine whether the same has been happening in the country.

Data Suggests Link Between Myocarditis And Moderna Vaccine

The data from Canada suggests that there may be 2.5 times higher likeliness of myocarditis in people who receive the Moderna shot in contrast to those who were administered with the Pfizer vaccine. Myocarditis is a condition where the heart is inflamed.

An individual familiar with the investigation emphasized that before issuing advisory warnings, the agencies must perform more research on the Moderna vaccine. The FDA added warning labels on the Pfizer and Moderna doses that said that they carried an increased risk of contracting myocarditis in June. This person said that they have not arrived at a conclusion just yet and that the data is not fully convincing.

A request for comment was made to Moderna, but no response was given. The CDC, in a statement, said that its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has and is continuing to look at reports of myocarditis after vaccination has been completed. These reports include reviewing data and medical records so that more can be understood and learned about any relationship to Covid vaccinations.

As officials are trying to persuade people to be vaccinated amidst a rise in cases caused by the Delta variant, they are trying not to alarm people and cause panic by issuing these warnings too soon.

Late in June, health officials initially said that there are associations between the vaccines and an increased risk of myocarditis but went on to say that these issues are more likely if a person contracts Covid so getting vaccinated is still the safer option.

The CDC and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, together with several leading medical and public health organizations of the country, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, issued a joint statement saying that they strongly encourage everyone older than 12 years of age to get the vaccine because the pros outweigh the cons.

President Joe Biden said that all nursing home staff in the country must be vaccinated against Covid, or their employers will be at risk of losing Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Biden also added that if you live, visit or work in a nursing home, you must not be at high risk for contracting Covid from employees that have not been vaccinated.

He added that even though he knows that his authority on the federal government is limited, he is going to actively look for ways to keep people safe and protect them from the virus while also increasing vaccination rates at the same time.

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