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Daycares Shutting Down Amidst Omicron Virus Scare

Daycares Shutting Down Amidst Omicron Virus Scare

Single parents are having a hard time at work. The Omicron scare is taking a toll, as it is raging without any notice. Parents with multiple children do not have it easy either, with older kids having to be picked up from school and younger ones having no daycare to fall back on. 

Daycares Shutting Down Amidst Omicron Virus Scare

Parents having older children are relying on after-school classes and can still be picked up later. But all those children who do not qualify for such programs are in a mess, along with their parents. Moreover, such parents have to rely on family members, to take care of the child. 

Daycares Shutting Down Amidst Omicron Virus Scare

Many daycare centers have also started refusing more children, as they do not have the requisite number of teachers. The main reason behind such refusals is the lack of staff, who are falling prey to Omicron. Many healthcare professionals who cannot work from home, and are at the forefront of the struggle, are having a hard time in the hospital facilities they work in. 

Nearly, over two years into the pandemic, the virus seems to be coming back in all possible forms. And, no one is able to take it anymore, with schools off all the time. For some people, the new surge in the case of the virus is creating whole new problems.

Many parents who had just started to go to the office have to return to work-from-home and can tend to their kid’s demand for support to attend online classes. 

There are circumstances when one school bus driver falling to the Omicron is disrupting the schedule of numerous parents. The country’s job recovery is also getting slower, as many parents will likely leave their jobs to fix problems at home. Many workers have already resigned from the workforce, due to these testing circumstances. 

If figures are anything to go by, more than a few million Americans have already quit their jobs since October 2021. Many of the workers, left due to better prospects at work, but few also resigned, never to join the workforce again. 

People have a lot of reasons to stay back home. Some people are staying away from work, as they fear hostile people at work who are not masked up. Many workers are resigning as they have to fill up hours for those who have left work and cannot put in any more. 

For many parents lack of a support system at home is forcing such harsh decisions. Many women have already left the labor force to tend to their children. Omicron has exaggerated all the troubles that women have had to face. 

The Omicron and Delta surges have forced parents to stay away from the labor markets. The current reports from the job market are not out yet, but once the January economy and labor reports pour in by the end of the month, everybody will have a clearer picture. 

Daycare staff is also amongst that hit. Many are staying back home for several reasons, as the prior vaccination cannot stop Omicron. And, there is no approved vaccination yet for the children who are of Nursery or Kindergarten age. 

Some parents are taking their children to the office, whenever and wherever possible. Many female workers believe that they might miss out on opportunities for promotions at work, due to the current situations. Many parents are considering switching to part-time jobs or females leaving their jobs altogether. 

While many daycares are fighting to stay afloat, many schools are again switching to remote learning. Many parents are also worried about their kids being sick. So, the times ahead will decide the course of schools, jobs, and daycares, amidst other economic activities in the states. 

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