Latest Deadly Instance Of A Rare Tropical Illness Discovered In South Asia Under Investigation

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 11, 2021

NEW YORK (AP) — Health authorities in the United States of America are examining the latest deadly case of dengue fever, a rare tropical illness usually seen in South Asia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed Monday that the unnamed individual died in Georgia earlier this month. This was the fourth reported case of melioidosis in the United States this year, caused by a bacterium that dwells in soil and water. 

Health Experts in the States were baffled that none of the cases from Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, or Texas moved overseas. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two people died. Doctors have been notified of the new case by federal health authorities, who issued a warning. According to medical researchers in the United States, the illness is curable if it is detected early and treated adequately.

The Latest Deadly Instance Of A Rare Tropical Illness Discovered In South Asia Under Investigation By Us Health Authorities.

Bacteria and viruses are two kinds of organisms that cause tropical illnesses. These words are likely to be known to most people since both types of organisms produce sickness prevalent in the United States and its surrounding cities.

Latest Deadly Instance Of A Rare Tropical Illness Discovered In South Asia Under Investigation By Us Health Authorities

It has been observed that Parasites are more sophisticated creatures that are less well-known than their more simple counterparts. All of these kinds of agents are together referred to as pathogens, which refers to any organism capable of causing illness.

When it comes to infectious illnesses in temperate temperature zones, many of the most well-known viral and bacterial infections are transmitted directly from person to person, through airborne transmission pathways, or via sexual contact. Illnesses of the respiratory tract (such as measles, respiratory syncytial virus, and TB) and sexually transmitted diseases (such as chlamydia) are also prevalent in the tropics.

Apart from that, many illnesses are transmitted via polluted water and food sources, which is a problem in developing nations since clean water and hygienic conditions are frequently considered a luxury.

On the other hand, the research authorities have noted that some tropical disease agents are transmitted via an intermediary carrier or vector. The disease is picked up by the insect or other invertebrate vector from an infected person or animal and then transmitted to others while eating the bug or other invertebrate vector. Often, tropical disease agents must go through significant developmental changes within the vector before they can complete their life cycle and become infective for humans again. Although the illnesses were discovered in different states at different times, the agency stated that laboratory analyses revealed that the infections were closely related.

CDC urges the citizens to report any tropical infection immediately to help curb the spread and protect especially children from such infections.

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