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 The Death Figure In The US Stands At 700,000, As The Covid Cases Are Falling

The Overburdened Hospitals in the US  are getting a much-needed sigh of relief as the cases of Hospitalization is on an overall decline.

In the Deep South, the hospitals were stretched to the limit for the past several weeks and now the cases are decreasing. However many Northern states are still witnessing a rise in the number of cases.

 The Death Figure In The US Stands At 700,000,As The Covid Cases Are Falling

It remains to be seen how the flu season will turn out and whether those who refuse to get vaccinated will change their mind.

 The Death Figure In The US Stands At 700,000,As The Covid Cases Are Falling

With the delta variant imminent and an estimated 70 million eligible Americans remain unvaccinated, it remains to be seen what winter has in store.

According to Mike Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy; if one is not vaccinated or have protection from the infection, the virus may infect 

The number of COVID patients in hospital has though fallen to 75,000 from over 93,000 in early September and the number of new cases has dropped to be about one-third of what it was over the past two weeks.

The cases of Deaths too are declining, averaging about 1,900 a day from more than 2000 a day a week ago. Although the overall death figure since the pandemic began is at the 700,000 mark unfortunately

The decrease in cases can be attributed to people wearing masks and the current vaccination drive.

Also, the decrease in hospitalizations and deaths can be according to some experts attributed to an experimental pill. This experimental pill if it gets authorization from the regulators will be the first pill to treat COVID-19

According to DR Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease specialist, such encouraging trends might however be seen by some as the reason to remain unvaccinated. He reemphasized the need to get vaccinated.

In Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there began an increased case of hospitalization in mid-July and by the first week of August, the place was overburdened. Elective surgeries were postponed and military doctors and nurses were brought in to care for patients.

But now with a decrease in the cases, the military team is scheduled to depart at the end of October.

According to Dr. Catherine o’ Neal, the reason that the rate of hospitalizations isn’t decreasing as quickly though the cases in the community are decreasing at a brisk rate is that more young people are affected by the delta variant and are occupying the ICUs longer. She also said that they are clueless about what will happen in the days ahead but maintained that hospitals have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Dr. Sandra Kemmerly, a system Medical director for the hospital at Ochsner Health in Lousiana said, this fourth wave of the pandemic has been harder as it is frustrating to see people die of vaccine-preventable illnesses.

 Ochsner had 1,074 COVID-19 cases at the peak of the fourth wave that however has dropped to 208 as of Thursday.

Other Hospitals are seeing a decrease in cases as well. The University of Mississippi Medical Center had 146 hospitalization Covid cases at their peak in mid-August. That number has reduced to 39 on Friday.

The Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, South Carolina, had 190 cases at the peak of the fourth waver; that number has reduced to 49 on Friday.

Dr. Kimmerly however doesn’t expect this down surge in hospitalization cases to last and is prepared for more hospitalization.

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