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Deaths In US Have Doubled & School Mandated Student Vaccinations

While the number of coronavirus cases has skyrocketed throughout the country, some experts think that the number of fatalities, which is a lagging indicator, will not skyrocket nearly as quickly as it has because of the protection against severe illness given by vaccination.

Although the rise has been less spectacular, it has not been any less concerning, and it is continuing to climb. There has been an increase in death rates in 42 states, the highest total since December.

Deaths In US Have Doubled & School Mandated Student Vaccinations

According to data released on Wednesday, deaths in the United States increased by almost twice the amount recorded in the previous two weeks. There have already been more COVID-19 deaths in the United States in the first 18 days of August than there had been in all of June and July combined.

Cases in the United States have increased by almost 2.2 million during the first 18 days, making this the sixth-worst month of the epidemic. Case counts have risen in 44 states, surpassing the most significant monthly totals of the spring and summer surges pandemic.

Deaths In US Have Doubled & School Mandated Student Vaccinations

According to the New York Times database, although infections have increased by 47 percent in the past two weeks, fatalities have increased by more than twice that number, reaching 97 percent. Every hour, 34 people in the United States die with COVID-19, according to the current transmission rate.

The number of new cases added every day had surpassed 150,000 in the United States, which is still less than half the total from the pandemic’s most horrific point in January. The current weekly average of about 800 deaths per day is still less than one-quarter of the total number of deaths at that time.

However, since the delta variety continues to spread at an alarming rate, the trends are veering in the other way. Suppose there is a shortage of ICU beds in north Texas hospitals due to the recent increase in infections. In that case, the vaccination status for COVID-19 may be one of the criteria examined when selecting which patients get ICU beds, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The newspaper acquired a copy of an internal letter addressed to members of a task group tasked with developing recommendations for hospitals in the area, which was published on Monday.

As noted in the letter, individuals who have been vaccinated have a higher probability of surviving a serious illness; nevertheless, this should only be considered as one of many factors when determining the likelihood of survival.

Despite being adequately vaccinated, three senators from the United States have tested positive for the coronavirus, joining Lindsey Graham of South Carolina as members of the Senate who have contracted the virus. On Thursday, three governors from different states revealed that they had acquired the virus: Angus King of Maine, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Roger Wicker from Mississippi. “Mild symptoms” have been reported by Wicker’s office, and he has been advised to isolate himself to maintain “excellent health.”

One of the country’s first COVID-19 vaccination requirements for school children is being implemented in a Southern California school district, which is expected to be one of the first in the nation.

It was announced this week online and in an email to parents before students returned to school on Thursday. The Culver City Unified School District, located near Los Angeles, said the new policies were implemented in the hopes of keeping teachers and students safe as the delta variant causes a recent outbreak of infections throughout the country.

Eleven schools serve more than 7,000 children across the district. In order to get a COVID-19 vaccination, children must be 12 years or older. All school workers are required to get vaccinated or take weekly COVID-19 exams that have already been issued in California. Still, some districts have begun requiring a vaccination without the option of testing.

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