Decline In The Number Of Infectants; Containers Can Increase Vaccines

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2022

BioNTech, one of the leading suppliers of vaccines in the US market and other countries, is now up with a new idea. Recently, it announced the supply of more vaccines in the African continent. The primary reason behind such a theory is the incredible shipping containers. These are fruits of advanced technology.

Decline In The Number Of Infectants; Containers Can Increase Vaccines

As per the company executives, the newly manufactured shipping containers are capable of holding more than 50 million vaccines manufactured by BioNTech or Pfizer. The company collaborated with Pfizer in the manufacturing of millions of doses. However, there will not be any curtail for the other jabs that they were manufacturing.

Decline In The Number Of Infectants; Containers Can Increase Vaccines

BioNTech plans that the top-notch containers will be readily available by the end of this year. However, it also announces that another year will be essential to produce vaccines in masses. The current process is applicable to African countries mainly. Therefore, the expectation of the vaccine-manufacturing leader confirms that it is going to ship to various countries like Senegal, South Africa, and other nearby regions.

Self-reliance is reaching a new height with such a brilliant company policy. Thus, African President confirmed that the country would experience a new era with such policies.

Moreover, the company criticized the suspension of such patents. Hence, other countries also have the freedom to manufacture the required vaccines for global well-being.

The next part of the news deals with the current situation prevailing in the United States. A piece of happy news for the natives as well as the world is that the COVID situation is gradually coming under permissible limits. The recent reports stated that the present cases are below one million. It is a sign of relief for the country’s citizens. Such data is available from the reviews of Johns Hopkins.

These reports confirm such low rates are the first in the last two months. Initially, the alarming situation showed more than a million cases every week. However, observation of strict procedures and vaccination impacted the country largely. As a result, the number of COVID-19 infected patients is decreasing every week.

The statistics of the United States show some different figures. It states that with fewer people getting affected, the death rates have also got down. Moreover, some days also reported zero death due to COVID. Hence, the President believes that the country is walking on the right path towards normalization. Hospitals are also recovering from the crisis with the decline in active cases.

Along with reducing COVID cases, the recovery rates are also increasing rapidly. It is definitely a good sign that normal days are coming back. However, although it is under control, the country needs to be patient till the risks are entirely eliminated.

The world has still not recovered from the black paws of coronavirus. Therefore, the locals of the US must keep in mind this fact and follow the precautionary measures even now.

The target of the Government is to give vaccination to every one of the countries coming under the prescribed age limit. Moreover, vaccination for kids below 15 years is also coming soon. Now, the number is below one million. But this should go down more to get a corona-free America.

If things continue like the present time, the future of the US is going to be without COVID. Observing all the precautions now is essential to get a better future. The target must be to lower the rate of COVID cases more with every passing week. As per the latest projections, the coming week will experience more changes in the COVID cases across the country. The numbers will move downwards, leading to a favorable condition for the whole nation.

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