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Delta CEO Says Difficult To Mandate Vaccines Not Approved

The CEO of Delta airlines Ed Bastion announced on Tuesday 3 August that they will not be asking for mandatory vaccination on domestic flights of Delta airlines and added that it’s difficult to mandate vaccines that have not been federally approved as yet.

The CEO further said that they are encouraging their staff as well as their customers to get vaccinated and that the numbers are picking up. More and more staff, as well as customers, have got themselves vaccinated as the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus has begun spreading in the United States. He added that 75% of Delta Airlines staff have already been vaccinated and more are lining up to get themselves vaccinated.

Delta CEO Says Difficult To Mandate Vaccines Not Approved

The grim situation of cases of infection from the delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus has had many companies debating whether they should launch incentive schemes or announce promos to get their employees to get themselves vaccinated. 

Some have already announced such incentives. While Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American airlines have asked new recruits for proof of vaccination as a condition for allowing them to join, these airlines have compensated their already vaccinated staff with extra layover and pay.    

Delta CEO Says Difficult To Mandate Vaccines Not Approved

The transport Security administration, which had issued a mask mandate for passengers and crew for bus, air, and train travel, has extended the mandate up to September 2021 and insiders are speculating that this mandate is likely to be extended even further beyond September 2021 as there is a likelihood that the peak of the coming third wave is likely to extend into the winter of 2021.

Meanwhile, successive lockdowns have had their effect on the passenger transportation business and domestic airlines have incurred losses of at least $35 billion during 2020.

Spirit Airlines, a low-cost airlines company, has requested its passengers and staff to get themselves vaccinated. United Airlines CEO has said they were considering a vaccine mandate for their customers and employees. United Airlines, however, has not announced any mandates, and Spirit Airlines reportedly does not intend to introduce any such mandate.

The vaccines available in the United States are the 2 dose Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines and these companies have applied for authorization since December 2020 (Except Johnson and Johnson) while both vaccines are continued to be administered on the basis of emergency use only. A surge of Covid infections in Israel and the subsequent finding that the 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine have only 39% efficacy led Pfizer to seek permission for a third booster dose.

The authorization issue of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines led Delta CEO Ed Bastion to decline to mandate a vaccine that does not even have federal approval yet. He said Delta flights going 90% full over the last weekend and remarked that people have learned to live with the virus epidemic. He added that he had noted that a vast majority of his weekend traveling customers had been fully vaccinated and had also been wearing masks.

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The United States has introduced a new in vogue since January 2021. This rule is that people entering the United States, even citizens, need to show recent test results of the Covid-19 test. Delta CEO Bastion commented that more such measures may have to be mandated for people entering the United States but such steps are not necessary within the country.

The transportation industry has begun issuing mandates of showing proof of vaccination as well as compulsory wearing of masks for customers as well as employees following similar action taken by bigger corporations such as Walmart while social media companies have gone so far as to extending closures of their offices.   

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