Delta Variant Dangerously Contagious, The Unprotected Will Get It – Health Officials

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 20, 2021

Millions in the US are putting their finances, health, and freedom at risk by deciding to remain unvaccinated. The Delta variant, currently spreading in the country, is a very contagious one. And it will affect the unprotected; former and current health experts warn.

According to public health officials, the country will now face any of the following three situations: 

  • They may get vaccinated
  • They may have been infected with coronavirus in the past.
  • They will get this Delta variant.

Delta Variant Dangerously Contagious, The Unprotected Will Get It – Health Officials

If you decide to stay unvaccinated and get infected with the Delta variant, you are in trouble. This is the most serious among the known viruses when it comes to hospitalization. For someone who is not fully vaccinated, the quality of his mask will decide your fate. Delta variant, as mentioned, is dangerously contagious. People become super spreaders within no time. And they transmit more viruses.

Delta Variant Dangerously Contagious, The Unprotected Will Get It - Health Officials

A group of scientists examined 62 Delta virus cases. They posted their findings online. They found out that the viral load of a Delta-variant infected person is 1260 times higher than that of someone infected with its previous versions in 2020. The concerning thing is that it is affecting mostly youngsters and previously healthy people. Unfortunately, most of them have not received even the first dose of a vaccine.

According to FDA, this year’s virus is entirely different from its predecessors. Today, the country’s population below 40 is getting more infected. It is attacking the nation’s youngsters, children, and young grandparents.

Doctors at present are seeing youngsters in their 20s and those who were previously healthy being hospitalized.

The US has to vaccinate its entire population. That is the only way out. Masks and other preventive strategies are not going to stop this virus, doctors say.

From February, almost all hospitalizations and deaths in Louisiana happened among the unvaccinated people, its Governor recently announced.

Breakthrough infections do happen. It is there with all other infections. But being infected with coronavirus from a vaccine is out of the question, at least in the US. No vaccine here uses coronavirus.  The possibility of a breakthrough infection is minimal. Even if you get it, you are going to be either asymptomatic or will suffer from minor health issues.

As per the data available with CDC, till Sunday, only 48% of Americans are fully vaccinated. A majority of the unvaccinated are confused. They are unable to filter the genuine from the misinformation being circulated in social networking platforms and other media. The situation deprives them of the freedom to make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Today, the Delta variant is about to spread in all the 50 States in the country. In Los Angeles, the number of new infections has increased up to 300% from the first week of July. The rate of hospitalizations is double that of the previous week. The situation prompted the officials there to restore the indoor mask mandate.

Coronavirus is now spreading among children in camps

The possibility of youngsters dying from a coronavirus is quite low. But Delta variant them are sending them to hospitals. And they have to suffer long from its complications.

The unfortunate news coming nowadays is that coronavirus infections are spreading in children’s summer camps. Authorities are investigating one such instance in Utah. Health officials here say that they are aware of a situation where coronavirus-infected youngsters are sent home without testing. This is a concerning development. If it happens, authorities will not be able to notify people of infections and take precautionary measures.

Health workers repeatedly stress the current situation in the country. Coronavirus is far from over. There is always the possibility of a nationwide surge.

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