The Delta Variant Is Causing Americans’ Stress Levels To Rising

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2021

As the number of coronavirus infections in the United States increases as a result of the highly contagious Delta form, a recent poll indicates that Americans’ fear about COVID-19 is at its highest level since January. The Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona, David Bowers, 42, told the Associated Press that he would not have said this a few years ago. Still, he is no longer confident in the ability of the United States to take care of itself, adding that it now appears that the country is going backward in time.

The Delta Variant Is Causing Americans’ Stress Levels To Rising

When asked about their fears of becoming infected, 41 percent of respondents said they were “very” or “very” concerned, compared to 21 percent in June and 43 percent in January, when the previous large rise in the disease occurred in the United States. Even today, more than half of Americans still claim they always or frequently wear a mask while in public, avoid big groups of people, and avoid non-essential travel. According to the findings, about six in ten individuals support ensuring full vaccination for people who travel on flights or attend crowded public events, while roughly one-quarter are opposed to such measures, according to the data.

According To A New Poll, The Delta Variant Is Causing Americans' Stress Levels To Rising

Approximately six in ten adults support mandatory vaccinations for hospital and other healthcare professionals, government officials, members of the military, and other workers who come into contact with the general public, such as those working in restaurants and retail stores. People who go to restaurants or bars should be required to be vaccinated, according to 51 percent of respondents; 28 percent disagree. A majority of respondents support mandating people to wear masks while they are in close proximity to others outside their house, and a majority of respondents support mask mandates for professionals who interact with the general public.

As was to be expected, there were significant partisan disagreements. According to the Associated Press, Democrats are 85 percent in favor of mask laws for public-facing employees, compared to Republicans, who are 39 percent in favor. She is a paraplegic with immune system issues, and physicians have advised her that she would not be able to receive the vaccine. 

Jones, a Democrat, told the Associated Press that she is a strong supporter of vaccine and mask mandates, and not only for herself. According to the Associated Press, little more than half of adults in the United States are fully vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States reported that 60 percent of the approximately 200 million persons who received at least one vaccine shot had done so as of Thursday.

According to the poll, the number of people receiving 19 immunizations has not decreased since the Biden administration revealed intentions this week to begin administering booster doses in the fall. However, the researchers found in an AP/NORC news release that, despite an increase in the number of reported cases and growing public concern, most hospitals have not increased their safety procedures since June.

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The COVID is not going away anytime soon, but he does not believe that people should live in fear, as he has said previously. Robbie Allen, a retired businessman from Clifton, Texas, is 63 years old. He traveled by motorcycle with his girlfriend to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which took place this month in South Dakota and drew hundreds of thousands of visitors.

According to the Associated Press, he is a self-described independent who leans Republican and believes that mandates take the enjoyment out of life. As of last week, the United States had more than 75,000 COVID-19 patients in hospital, which is a considerable increase from just a few weeks ago but still a far cry from the record-breaking levels seen last winter.

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