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Delta Variant Is COVID 19 On Steroids, Say, Experts

Last week, 24 States in the US reported an increase in COVID 19 infections. Health officials, in the meantime, are campaigning to prompt the maximum number of people to receive the jab. 

Delta Variant Is COVID 19 On Steroids, Say, Experts

Delta variant was detected at first in India. Today, half of the coronavirus infections in the country belong to this category. According to senior officials, the Delta variant is a cause of concern. However, there is a powerful tool to deal with it, vaccination. A fully vaccinated person does not have to fear it.

Delta Variant Is COVID 19 On Steroids, Say, Experts

At present, all the vaccines in use in the country have only emergency use authorization. Experts are of the view that full authorization from FDA will prompt more people to receive the jab.

Pfizer said on Thursday that the immunity from its vaccine wanes after some time. And it is ramping up efforts to develop a booster dose. This, according to the company, will protect people against emerging variants. The extra dose should be given after six or 12 months after the second dose of the vaccine.

These doses produce antibodies ten times stronger than the ones the two vaccines generated. The company also added that it is preparing a new formula meant to protect people from the emerging strains of the virus. The company’s spokesperson also added that it plans to apply to FDA for emergency use authorization for its booster doses.

According to CDC, only less than half of the US population is fully vaccinated as of Thursday. The percentage of people who are yet to receive the jab, 12 years and older, comes up to 55.8%.

The number of infections and hospitalizations is on the rise in less vaccinated regions of the country, CDC warned during a press briefing.

Last week, 173 counties reported more than 100 infections among 100000 people. And in 90% among them, the rate of vaccination is quite low; below 47%. Most of these counties are regions where the Delta variant is more prevalent, point out health experts. Low rates of vaccination combine with a large number of infections make matters worse. They also point out the lenient mitigation policy that does not protect unvaccinated people too is the villain here, they point out.

The rate of infections is rising in the entire country. During the weekend, the country had an average of more than 15000 cases a day. Fortunately, it is far below what was in the spring.

California is one among the 24 States where the rate of infections is rising. Here, the rate of positivity has tripled within a few days. This is happening after the State has fully opened up. In the first few weeks of June, the rate of positivity here was only 0.7%. Today, the State is reporting a 2% rise in the same.  Till now, the rate of hospitalizations and deaths remains low. But experts worry that the effects of the infections will last long. As per the State data, up to 60% of Californians have received full vaccination. Over 9% have received partial vaccination.

As per data available, vaccination has saved the lives of hundreds of Americans. The number of deaths due to coronavirus infection stands as a sad reminder. It is now more than 4000000.

At least a third of all these deaths are from three countries; the US, Brazil, and India. The US accounts for 15%, 660000. Both Brazil and India are just behind the country in the matter.

According to researchers, vaccination is what helped the nation cut down the number of deaths. Otherwise, it would have been much higher. They also expressed concern that new strains of the virus may emerge if people don’t get vaccinated. And it will undermine the success the country has attained here.

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