Delta Variant Of Covid Virus Driving New Breakthrough Cases

Dr Robby Sikka is a doctor who has founded the Sports Medicine analytics Research Team that works with teams of the NFL and NBA. Dr. Sikka says that Professional Sports Leagues are in a better position to track and understand transmissions and the pattern of breakthrough cases of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 Virus that is currently raging through the United States. The Sports Medicine Analytics Research teams test a large number of players every day and track their progress along with their recovery rates.

Dr Sikka has observed that the delta variant of the virus is highly contagious and is driving almost all of the breakthrough cases and that vaccinated people spread the disease almost as much as unvaccinated people. The Doctor observed, however, that vaccinated athletes with infection recover faster and come back faster than unvaccinated players. The Doctor concluded on the basis of the research done by him and his team that vaccines do work, though some vaccinated individuals get infected and such vaccinated people are at a high risk of infecting others, including children who have not yet been vaccinated. 

Delta Variant Of Covid Virus Driving New Breakthrough Cases

This risk of infection has been driving the need for protection and this is the reason why health care organization including the CDC has issued an update on past advisories, asking both Vaccinated as well as unvaccinated Americans to resume wearing masks and follow other Covid protocol that had been waived back in May 2021.  

Delta Variant Of Covid Virus Driving New Breakthrough Cases

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that as many as 5900 fully vaccinated Americans infected with the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus have either been hospitalized or died. 

NBA players have been tested regularly and 30 of them did test positive for the Delta variant of the virus. While they were recovering, they were subject to other tests for the level of their strength, stamina, and how soon they were able to return to the sport. The tests even included electrocardiograms (ECG) that studied the effects on the hearts of the players. The NBA was very cautious about the performance of players and was very particular about the long-term health effects of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus. Dr Sikka revealed that not much was known about the Delta variant and how it affected the long-term health effects of players and their performance.

Dr Matthew Martinez, a cardiologist for the Major League Soccer and the New York Jets,  was pleased to observe there had not been any significant adverse effect in the hearts of the players nor had the virus impacted their strength and stamina significantly. More studies are in progress.

A study by a Nebraska pulmonologist, however, had disturbing results. Her studies showed that 4 out of the 26 athletes who tested positive for the virus at Ohio were found to have CMR findings that were indicative of myocarditis. Other medical experts feel that the data is too less to conclude whether this is a vaccine side effect or a virus after effect. 

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There is little evidence that players who have returned to play after recovering from Covid -19 had any serious deterioration of their strength or any long-term after effects of the infection. A trainer at NBA, however, stresses that the 2-week rest that infected players were advised did more harm than the actual illness itself and many of the rested players had to work harder to get back into shape. The trainer observed that some of the recovered players had soft tissue muscle injuries.

While Dr Sikka and other health experts continue studying the effect of Covid-19 on players and athletes, the American leadership is doing its best to contain a raging pandemic.         

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