The Delta Variant Can Be Fought With Natural Immunity Also, By CDC

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 25, 2022

The rise of both variants of covid 19 in the United States has created the worst situations. The US CDC has been keeping an eye on every small or big development being made to curb the cases and safeguard the lives of people in the country.

The Delta Variant Can Be Fought With Natural Immunity Also, By CDC

The Coronavirus has been targeting people with low immune power which leads to hospitalization and death. In the USA, more than 69 million infected patients have been found and around 870,000 American citizens have lost their lives since the outbreak of the covid 19.

The Delta Variant Can Be Fought With Natural Immunity Also, By CDC

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a huge role of the immunity system in saving citizens from the attack of the covid 19 virus. The severity also depends upon the level of the immune system. 

Various studies and research are being conducted around the globe to ascertain the impact of natural immunity fighting against the covid 19 infection in the long run. 

The initial two doses of vaccine offer a great level of immunity by generating enough antibodies to fight against the delta variant but can’t handle the infection caused by the omicron strain of the covid 19.

The omicron variant is less severe but has the capacity to target weak immune system individuals, especially unvaccinated citizens. 

As per the studies conducted on natural immunity when compared to vaccines, it was found that natural immunity is much more effective than vaccines.

The data has been collected from the various hospitals where the people who got infected with the covid 19 got admitted. The results also revealed that the number of delta variant cases was very high amongst the citizens who were unvaccinated and the virus was not determined before the delta wave. 

The first case of the delta variant in the United States was detected in the month of June 2021, and by the end of July 2021, the strain became the most lethal and dominant variant of the original coronavirus. 

Even after the outbreak of the omicron subtype of covid 19 in the country in the month of December 2021 and by the end of the same month it became the most dominant variant beating the delta strain. But the delta version is still the most lethal and severely attacks the immune system. 

After the authorization of the booster shots in the US, the cases were reduced as it generates a good amount of antibodies that help in reducing the hospitalization and mortality rate by 90 percent.

Also, it has been found that booster shots helped more in building immunity, and the medical experts in the country are suggesting and urging every eligible citizen to avail of the benefits of booster shots as soon as possible.

We can collectively fight against the pandemic if we wish to end it very soon and following the guidelines will be the eBay thing that we can do now!!

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