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Delta Virus Makes 83% Of Us COVID-19 Cases

The highly contagious covid-19 variant, Delta, now makes up to 83% of covid-19 cases as the US CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wlensky stated on Tuesday. He also spoke about how dramatically the cases increased from 50% for the week of July 3rd, in a Senate Committee hearing.

Delta Virus Makes 83% Of Us COVID-19 Cases

Public health experts have to say that the Delta variant is much easily transmissible than any other identified variant so far. Andy Slavitt who is a former senior advisor to Joe Biden’s Coronavirus response team, says we must think about the Delta Variant as a 2020 version of Covid-19, but on steroids, which is twice as infectious. He also added that fortunately very unlike 2020, we have sources to stop the Delta variant as it comes and it is known as “Vaccine”. 

Delta Virus Makes 83% Of Us COVID-19 Cases

Coming forward with the vaccination rates in the country, it has been stalled though. It has been reported, as per CDC, that less than half of the population in the USA, is fully vaccinated and those who have not even been vaccinated once, are not at all going to be vaccinated as per a poll that was published by Axios-Ipsos, on Tuesday.

Less than a quarter of those who have been unvaccinated mentioned that that would be getting their vaccination shots, only under certain circumstances, as per a poll that was seen held during the month of July, from 16th – 19th, also made of a nationally representative sample of 1,048 USA population of adults.

As per Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country can expect a terrible outbreak for a considerable period of time, if unvaccinated people are holding out to not get vaccinated. As the US witnessed a new uptick in Covid-19 cases as well as an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, it is sure that the rise of the Delta variant is close.

The daily new cases’ average this week is up 66% from the previous week and 145% from the past two weeks. As the covid-19 cases are seen rising in 46 states, as per John Hopkins University, hospitalizations are up 26% since last week. It is also known that about 22% of the US population, which is almost 73 million people, live in a country that is considered to have a high covid-19 transmission rate as per the data published by CDC.

This information tells us that this is 10 times worse than what it was early in the month of June. CDC now considers a county to have high transmission rates if there have been at least 100 or more cases of Coronavirus per 100,000 people or at the most a test result positivity rate of 10% or higher from the last seven days. 

About 5% of the population in the USA live in a county that is considered to have low transmission, which is explained by the CDC as fewer than 10 new coronavirus cases per 100,000 citizens or residents. One of the two indicators used by the CDC to evaluate community transference levels is test positivity rate. But the number of everyday coronavirus tests has seemed to be dropped down to 34% since last month, as per the data from the US Department of Health and Human Services. To CNN’s request to learn more about this metric, the CDC did not respond. 

It has clearly been understood that in difficult times like this, where the world is facing extreme difficulty coping up with the virus and its variant’s transmission rates, we, all together must take heavy precautions and keep covering up and maintaining social distance as it can get worse. 

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