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Democrats Try To Include Minimum Wage In The Covid Relief Bill

Democrats are in the hopes of including a minimum wage clause in their COVID-19 relief bill. This is done to increase the $1.9 trillion bill that seemed all but dead when the Senate had prepared to debate the bill’s version for which the House has passed an aid package.

Democrats Try To Include Minimum Wage In The Covid Relief Bill

After four days, the parliamentarian chamber has said that these Senate rules forbid the inclusion of the straight-out on any minimum wage increase as the relief measure. Democrats, on Monday, have seemed to have lost all their most realistic options for quickly increasing their pay hike. In another decision, they had already abandoned the potential amendment stating that the threatening increases in the tax on the big companies don’t actually boost the pay of the workers to a particular level.

Democrats Try To Include Minimum Wage In The Covid Relief Bill

In this moment, we might not have a way out of this, but we hope that we can find the one which could be pushing this federal pay floor to $15 an hour, as said by Richard Durbin of Illinois No. 2, Senate Democratic leader. 

Senate Democrats have hoped to unveil a version of their wide relief package and begin to debate on this matter as early as Wednesday. Congress leaders are of the intention to send President Joe Biden this legislation for combating the pandemic. This will also be bolstering the economy by mid-March. March 14 is the date when emergency jobless benefits of the lawmakers approved in December expires.

Biden’s biggest legislative priority is passing this overall relief bill as early as possible. It also looms as the initial test of their ability to unite all the Democrats in the Senate. They don’t have any place in the party where they don’t have any votes to spare. Further, there are risks associated that there will be lasting damage to the President’s influence should he fail. Republicans are quite strongly against this legislation and would be opposing this unanimously, as the House GOP lawmakers did it when the chamber approved the bill in early Saturday.

The measure helps in providing $1,400 payments to people plus hundreds of billions of dollars for colleges and schools, COVID-19 testing and vaccine, mass transit systems, landlords and small businesses. Further, this bill also has extra money for child care, tax breaks for families having children and assistance to states who are willing to expand medical aid coverage for low-income residents.

Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the Senate Budget Committee Chairman, has said that he always wanted the Democrats to ignore this parliamentarian’s ruling to block the minimum wage increase. He is also of the opinion that they must vote for eliminating the filibusters. As there are procedural delays that would get the Democrats those unachievable 60 votes for them to prevail.

Neither this idea seemed to get the support of the Democrats or the White House, which they needed to succeed. Sanders, who is the Senate’s leading sponsor of this hike to $15, said he would force a vote on the amendment to restore the minimum wage increase.

This bill is the soul of the Democratic Party, as per what he said from the proposal. In this acknowledgment, he said his effort may fall short, but if we are to fail in this legislation, we will soon be back and offer the same in the near future.

The Senate was exactly divided 50-50 between both the parties, and Vice President Kamala Harris was able to cast the tie-breaking votes. Democrats are employing this seldom-used procedure for the COVID-19 relief bill to shield the measure from filibusters.

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