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Developed And Wealthy Nations To Cease Covid 19 Vaccines Directed By WHO

The WHO on Wednesday asked all the wealthy nations to stop covid 19 vaccine boosters to be given to the general public. This concern comes out as many of the poor or nations with limited resources are not getting the vaccines or are not able to treat their infected people. The main directive of the WHO in the initial days was that all major countries will support small countries so as to have equal vaccination opportunities and not leave them out.

WHO also says that the main objective is to vaccinate at least 10% of the major population along with all the front-line workers like doctors and people involved in defense sectors and the elderly who are prone to get infected faster and shows more life-threatening symptoms.

Developed And Wealthy Nations To Cease Covid 19 Vaccines Directed By WHO

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the director General for World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday that they would need the trend reversal as of now majority of the vaccines are going towards the wealthy countries while the poor countries are left with a smaller amount which won’t be effective in curbing the coronavirus.

Developed And Wealthy Nations To Cease Covid 19 Vaccines Directed By WHO

This decision from WHO comes after Israel announced that it has given the vaccination to its whole elderly population and that the Dominican Republic has secured vaccination for the majority of its population, whereas the neighboring country like Haiti has just got its first batch of vaccines which will only be used for defense sectors and the essential workers still leaving a vast majority of the population including the elderly at risk of getting the virus.

WHO is also focusing majorly to get all the elderly vaccinated as this gives the people a much better fighting chance against the new form of the covid 19 virus. The new Delta variant which was first detected in India had a very major breakthrough in India and crippled the country to a large extent. However, India has now recovered but the new mutant has made its way to the US and infecting a large number of people as well.

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The new variant doesn’t seem to affect much the people who are already vaccinated but has an adverse effect on unvaccinated people especially the elderly population. The new delta variant seems to be transmitted from the vaccinated people to the nonvaccinated people. Seeing this pattern, the CDC in the US has asked all fully vaccinated people to wear masks at all times so as to curb the transmission of this new variant.

According to the timeline of the WHO they say that 70% of the people will be vaccinated by the mid of 2022 and this will give everyone a better chance to get outdoors and back to the new normal. However, the wealthy nations need to slow down on their vaccination buying power as this doesn’t give the smaller nations with limited resources to acquire the vaccines putting them at grave risk.

The major issue is that the virus is getting mutated at a rapid phase and is hard to keep track of. Vaccination is the only way to help oneself and others at this stage. It is also noted by the WHO that although the new strains keep on coming to the vaccines has been successful in protecting people from all the new variant and the issues are still observed in non vaccinated people.

There have been many drives and public speaking on why it is important to get vaccinated and all the countries are encouraging their citizens to get vaccinated. With the wealthy countries now laying back, the smaller countries have a much better chance at vaccinating their people as well.

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