RHOBH Diana Jenkins’s Fiance Asher Monroe’s Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Songs, Family

RHOBH Diana Jenkins's Fiance Asher Monroe's Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Songs, Family

The newest member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, 49-year-old Diana Jenkins, has made it clear that she is not there to play. The 49-year-old humanitarian has always seen herself as the “bad guy” and has gained notoriety for her appearance on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Diana Jenkins’s Fiance Asher Monroe

Diana recently made headlines when she revealed on RHOBH that she is currently dating 33-year-old musician and lyricist Asher Monroe. The couple plans to have a baby girl, Elijah, in 2020, and they appear to be happy with their life together. Glad as if it were a night on the town. In the end, they’ve known each other for a very long time.

RHOBH Diana Jenkins's Fiance Asher Monroe's Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Songs, Family

If you’re looking for an actor with a long list of credits, look no further than Asher Monroe Book. According to his IMDB profile, he is an entertainer, artist, and performer from Arlington, Virginia. Asher has appeared in a lot of films and television shows that you’ve probably seen.

In the 2009 reboot of Fame, he played the all-out youngster heart breaker, Marco. After that, he appeared in films like Parenthood and Medium, as well as television shows like Dora the Explorer and Zoey 101. In a sense, he squashed the early aughts in this way.

In 2010, Asher Monroe appeared on The Mentalist as a guest star. In addition, he had previously appeared on Parenthood as Steve Williams. At the moment, Asher devotes the majority of his creative energy to pursuing a career in music.

Date of birth18 September 1988
Height5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight70 kg
ProfessionActor, Singer
Net Worth$1.5 million
Zodiac SignVirgo

Diana Jenkins’s Wiki

Individuals have long been interested in learning more about her as a well-known figure, but today the entire world is searching for Diana Jenkins Wiki.

An awareness of her own life, such as the people in it, the money she has, and how she is paid, as well as an understanding of her professional life.


Sanela Diana Jenkins is a shining star in the sky of this world. As a mother, a businesswoman, and a voice for peace, she has a unique perspective on war, which she has kept to herself for the most part.

Bosnian-born and the oldest of two children, her pleasant youth ended in 1992 when Serbia began its slaughter and relocation of innocent citizens. Family


Her marital status is listed as “married” in public records. Roger Jenkins is the name of her husband. In addition, she has three children.


Having been born in Sarajevo, SR Bosnia, and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia in 1973, she is of Bosnian and Herzegovina descent. She’s in her late 48s or early 49s.


Sanela Dijana it’s origins and identity are intertwined with Diana Jenkins’. She is of Bosnian descent.


Jenkins is the elder of two children born to a working-class Bosniak family in Sarajevo. Her mother worked as a bookkeeper, and her father was a financial advisor. She grew up in the massive block condos that depicted Yugoslavia during the socialist era.

Although she was a financial analyst at the University of Sarajevo, she had to flee her home in 1992 due to the escalation of the Bosnian war and spend over a year in Croatia before moving to the United Kingdom.


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