Different Strategies To Buckle Up Your Immune System

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 14, 2022

What we consider today the real wealth is our health and we can enhance our productivity by keeping our body and surroundings healthy and safe. But there are times like Covid-19 where we need to take extra precautions not only for our health but for others also.

Different Strategies To Buckle Up Your Immune System

We are surrounded by evolving viruses, dramatic climatic conditions, pollution, inequality in which we need to maintain our physique healthy.

Different Strategies To Buckle Up Your Immune System

But if we ignore ourselves and take careless steps then unwanted market substances will always be ready to take the benefit of our weaknesses like vaccine hoarding, unequal divisions of medicine, and many more.

Our body is working with the immune system to keep our inner structure more resistive against viruses and foreign harmful elements.

We need to keep ourselves energetic and physically fit because of tough situations that we might be facing in the near future. Healthy eating and regular workouts could be one to keep ourselves punctual and fresh but there are certain fixed habits which we will have to keep in our mind for the benefit of ourselves.

Different Strategies to buckle up our immune system to cater to the challenges physically.

  1. Vaccination Is A Must -: For increasing immune response, the vaccine is the utmost priority because in Covid, viruses have been evolved and the booster shots and vaccine make our immune system fight better. The characteristics of Virus is to enter into our body system where they can find the suitable environment to expand themselves but if we take our vaccines shot or booster doses priorly then the vaccines will introduce the virus to our health system beforehand for getting prepared for the long run.  There are chances of getting affected after taking doses but the adverse effect will be reduced and the resistance of the body against the virus will enhance rapidly that’s why our system can react quickly.
  2. Ready To Distrust-: some peoples or markets are ready to take advantage of our seriousness towards health and physique because of their profit and growth. But we need to be skeptical while purchasing or convincing any vitamins or antibiotics or probiotic medicines. Vitamins are helpful for those who genuinely need them like vitamin-deficient patients, senior citizens with comorbidities but the healthy person needs to avoid taking these multivitamins or probiotics tablets for boosting their immune system. There are mini-sets of viruses that jointly make our immune system better and which are known as Gut. Probiotics are used to expand these organisms in the immune system but there are skirmishes over it.  Distrust before accepting anything, whether it would be related to our health, wealth, or reputation, will give us time to assess all the things and then get back to them if we want gently.
  3. Covering Up The Face By Mask-: Ambience is polluting day by day along with the harmful pollutants there are viruses like Covid 19 which could ultimately make a serious impact on the respiratory system of human beings. Masking up is the only solution where we keep ourselves distanced and safe. Suppose there is someone who is not well and he or she has a cough and cold, their virus proliferates with the air in the near surroundings but covering up the face with the mask ensures our safety. Otherwise, there are some categories of people like Children, pregnant women who aren’t ready to get their vaccine shots so we at least do our duty to take masks everywhere in the public place and ensure a safe environment for the vulnerable.
  4. Making Healthy Habits– Exercise and Yoga is the most important routine of everyone’s life along with a good diet. There are certain tasks which we need to ensure happen daily and these are exercise, good and punctual diet.

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