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Disneyland Sets To Become The First Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Site In Orange County

California’s Disneyland Resort, the place of wonders, is set as the first super COVID-19 vaccination site. The resort is situated in Anaheim of Orange County. 

Both California and the broadening Los Angeles County together rapidly came in the list of America’s worst-hit areas by the coronavirus.

Disneyland Sets To Become The First Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Site In Orange County

The County’s press release said that the vaccination process in Disneyland will begin later in the same week. Among the first five regional point-of-dispensing, the resort would be the first site in the region. Once the process is begun, the resort will distribute shots to thousands of residents each day. 

Disneyland Sets To Become The First Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Site In Orange County

Andrew Do, the chairman of the county said in his statement that the resort has stepped up to host the county’s first Super POD site.

The resort is the largest employer in the heart of Orange County and would undertake a monumental risk in the process of distributing the vaccines.

He added that he truly appreciates the support of the Orange County Fire Authority, the cities, and residents as the authority continues to supply shots of COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the county.

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu said that a public health crisis and economic devastation are both what the coronavirus brought to the country.

The supersite in Disneyland will help the U.S to overcome both of the conditions, as every shot given from Anaheim would help to save lives and speed up the city’s recovery and reopening.

Presently, the shots of the vaccine are available to all who live and work in Orange County and meet the criteria listed for all tiers of the initial phase of California’s vaccination process which prioritized health workers and long-term care residents. 

The supervisor, Donald P. Wagner said that it is crucial to give shots to all those who are willing to receive them, besides the state needs enough space to do so.

He also thanked Disneyland resort and Anaheim city for taking initiative in the shared effort to give enough protection to the residents of Orange City to defeat the virus.

Those who are eligible to be vaccinated will receive contacts through their employer. Their appointment will be scheduled once they are contacted by the employer.

In California, as of yesterday, 2,710,801 cases were confirmed of COVID-19 with 29,965 deaths. The number of deaths related to COVID-19 has increased by 0.9% from the prior day total of 29,701.

According to reports, the state has averaged 41,831 cases per day over the last seven days. This is a significant elevation that resulted after the post-holiday surge.

The deaths in the state have averaged 494.7 per day, with a great increase from 114.2, which was the rate before two weeks. 

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