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Disneyland Is Welcoming Younger Adults Back As Covid-19 Cases Rise

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 1, 2021

After 412 days, the “Happiest Place on The Earth” is welcoming everybody, once again, from Friday onwards. This has been known as the longest closing period for Disneyland that carries a history of 65 years.

Nothing is going to be as it was pre-pandemic, safety measures and guidelines including no character hugs and 25% capacity opening, will be followed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.

Disneyland Is Welcoming Younger Adults Back As Covid-19 Cases Rise

The Famous Parades and the firework shows have been put on the shelves with a limited crowd to be attentive. The new Avengers Campus is known and set to be opening in the month of June. As of now, the park is allowed to have in-state visitors and shall operate at a limited capacity. 

Disneyland Is Welcoming Younger Adults Back As Covid-19 Cases Rise

Caroline Beteta, known to be the President and CEO of the state tourism agency called Visit California, says that Disneyland has a symbolic nature to completely determine that we are finally out of the horrific Coronavirus. She also mentioned that they are back, as it was a success before and they’re hoping the success continues post-pandemic. 

As California boasts about its low number of covid-19 cases and half of its population vaccinated with at least one dosage, this is known to be a dramatic turnaround as compared to the month of December. The state hospitals were running out of ICU beds and were forced to treat patients at overflow locations. With some health-related restrictions, children shall get back to schools, businesses in California are allowed to reopen, Universal Studios and the others have thrown out their opening dates as well. Albeit, with guidelines to be followed to control the spread of the Virus.

Disneyland is known to be a major economic engine in California, attracting nearly 19 million attendants before the Coronavirus struck globally, as per the Themed Entertainment Association. As Newsom suggested and imposed the statewide lockdown order, Disneyland and other parks were shuttered, in the month of March 2020. 

With so many people locked in the state, in-state tourism could help nothing but boost tourism internally. Disney’s California Parks have always had a local fan base meanwhile the Florida locations are known to rely on international tourists, as per Carissa Baker, theme park and attraction management at the University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Baker also says that when they reopen, they shall be pretty quick at whatever allowance capacity is as there are so many locals who visit the California Parks. The reopening bears good news for the theme park employees that are eager to get back on their feet and work. As well as hotel owners and shops that surround the city of Anaheim, which is known to be running in loss due to the pandemic-related guidelines. 

Visit Anaheim’s President, Jay Burress mentioned the city’s convention cancellations but recovered at least a quarter and states that reopening of the Disneyland and other parks and attractions is promising. He also says that they are surely not out of the wood,s but surely are seeing some light.

Disneyland was witnessed, earlier this week, lighting up its Hallmark Sleeping Beauty Castle and delivered a video, on all media platforms, which was known to be a tribute to the employees. As per Ken Potrock, the President of Disneyland Resort says that there is a huge beautiful tomorrow that lies ahead for all of us. 

As a traveling, still, is strongly discouraged by California, an advertisement is running a campaign encouraging California to travel in-state, reflecting a pitch created after the terror attacks on 11th of September 2001. 

Nikki Attkisson

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