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As Doctors Become Increasingly Frustrated With COVID Denial

In a Michigan hospital, the health of the COVID 19 patient was rapidly declining, but the doctor was unable to diagnose the patient. Unvaccinated man despite dangerous oxygen levels didn’t think he was sick at all.

It took him over an IQ policy that ordered his wife from visiting him on the ward to threaten to walk out of the hospital. In his response, Dr. Matthew Trunsky didn’t mince words: You can leave, but you’ll die before you reach your car.

As Doctors Become Increasingly Frustrated With COVID Denial

Amid the delta-driven surge, medical workers have seen such exchanges all-too-often as they grow weary of the COVID 19 denial and the misinformation that is making it difficult to treat unvaccinated patients.

As Doctors Become Increasingly Frustrated With COVID Denial

TA group of six doctors was asked by the Associated Press to describe the types of misinformation and denial they encounter every day and how they deal with them.

Ivermectin is suggested for veterinary parasites, but patients get angry when they are told it is not safe for coronavirus treatment and they must not be prescribed. In Illinois, a family physician has patients complain that vaccines contain microchips that are being used to take over people’s DNA. A Louisiana doctor has used the twinkies list to show patients skeptical about vaccine composition that everyday items have a lot of untested ingredients no one knows about.

Just Stop staring at Facebook, Louisiana doctor says

Vincent Shaw pulls up the ingredient list for a Twinkie when patients say they do not want the COVID-19 vaccination because they don’t know what goes into their bodies. Shaw, a family physician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, suggested looking at the packaging. It doesn’t matter that he has a degree in chemistry because he still doesn’t know what the back of the package says, he added. Additionally, he often hears from patients that they have not researched the vaccines enough. The developers of the vaccine have done their homework, he assures them. A fringe explanation could be: They’re putting a tracker in me, but now I’m magnetic.

In another explanation, he had no idea why they were given this for free since humanity is not nice, and humans are not nice, so no one wants to give anything away. So there is nothing good built into the human soul. And as a consequence, there was no comeback.

Even with mild cases, people who become ill insist that they are immune. No, you are not Superman or Superwoman, says he. Among the biggest obstacles to getting vaccinated, he said, is social media, as can be seen by the many patients who explain what they saw on Facebook before deciding not to get vaccinated. There are many memes about the many Americans who graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Facebook. 

An angry Facebook post by a Michigan pulmonologist

Turansky had become so frustrated with vaccine pushback that he turned to Facebook to vent the anger he encounters every day at Troy, Michigan, hospital. There are eight instances listed in his post in which COVID-19 patients provided misinformation-fueled explanations for refusing vaccinations or demanding unproven treatments in the past two days.

His experience with the vaccine has been marred by misinformation: He has been told it is an experimental vaccine when, in fact, it is not. Various people have told him that vaccination is a “personal choice”; the government should not tell me what I should do. He has also heard patients claim that they are too sick to take the vaccine, so they don’t want to risk any side effects. He was told that one young mother did not get her vaccination because she was breastfeeding, despite her pediatrician and obstetrician advising her it was fine. She was hospitalized, but ultimately got vaccinated.

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