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Doctors Say Getting Vaccinated Against Covid 19 Like PPE At Molecular Level

As the mass vaccinations program is underway across the country, several doctors have received the much needed Covid 19 vaccine. Talking about their experience of receiving the vaccines, doctors say that they finally see this as a ray of hope that can finally end the pandemic.

This year has been a tough one for all the doctors who were dealing with covid patients. Some of them have worked for more than a shift for many months. Finally, they are feeling some relief as they are now protected completely from the virus.

Doctors Say Getting Vaccinated Against Covid 19 Like PPE At Molecular Level

Doctors are among the high-risk health care workers who deal directly with covid patients on a daily basis. They are also putting their families at risk due to their profession. Even though they used PPE while working at the covid facility, it is still not completely secure as a small mistake can put them at risk of infection. However, with the availability of the vaccine, they are completely secure, and doctors compare this with the PPE at the molecular level.

Doctors Say Getting Vaccinated Against Covid 19 Like PPE At Molecular Level

Even doctors have not taken the vaccines without any considerations. Most of them have gone through the evidence available with regards to the vaccines. They are sure that the vaccine offers good protection from the virus without any adverse effect. Most doctors say that they have done their homework before taking the vaccine. In this way, they are now in a position to address the vaccine concerns of millions of Americans.

As many people are still hesitant to take the vaccine, doctors say that the vaccines should be promoted aggressively in the near future. Even the CDC has indicated that close to 70% of Americans should be vaccinated in order to gain control over the pandemic. Doctors say that at that level, herd immunity can be reached and the pandemic will be controlled in future. When there are very few people who are vulnerable to the virus, the virus will gradually fizzle out, and it will not be a major hassle for the medical fraternity.

Vaccine hesitancy is a reality that the authorities have to deal with in the near future. Even though manufacturing, distributing, and administering the vaccines are challenges in themselves, the biggest one comes with vaccine hesitancy among vulnerable people.

Doctors assure that the vaccines will be able to prevent a lot of deaths and severe illness. The vaccines have been checked thoroughly by the FDA before being made available for public use.

Many doctors say that vaccine hesitancy is not a new concept and it existed even during the times of smallpox in the 18th century. However, things are not that bad in 2020 as a majority of Americans have understood the importance of receiving an FDA approved vaccine in order to stay protected in the long run.

When it comes to vaccine hesitancy, most people are worried about side effects. Apart from that, a lack of trust in the government is also another reason why most people are not willing to believe the administration about their claims regarding the safety of the vaccine. In order to boost the confidence of the public about the vaccine, several prominent leaders, including Joe Biden, took the vaccine on camera. Even Dr Fauci also took the vaccine recently in front of the media and spoke about the safety of the vaccine.

All these efforts of the medical fraternity are likely to show some results in the next few months. Doctors hope that the vaccines will help them to end the pandemic in 2021. Till then, it is an uphill task for the doctors and health care workers to handle the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country.

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