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Does The Covid 19 Delta Strain Make Children Severely Ill?

The current surge of COVID 19 infections fueled by the Delta variant among children bring up the scary question; does it make children severely ill? Experts say “no”.

Does The Covid 19 Delta Strain Make Children Severely Ill? Experts Have Reassuring Words

There isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest that this version of the virus is worse for children than in the past. The surge of infections happens because the strain is more contagious than its earlier versions.

Does The Covid 19 Delta Strain Make Children Severely Ill? Experts Have Reassuring Words

Delta variant spreads faster. And it poses greater risks to kids. Thus authorities are left with no choice, but to mandate masks in schools. Some among them have even mandated vaccination for those eligible for it.

The weekly average of infections among children in the early days of this month was over 250,000. This is much higher than the peak during the winter, reported the American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association.

From the time the pandemic began, 5000000 children tested positive for COVID 19 in the US.

According to World Health Organization, the Delta strain of COVID 19 was detected in over 180 countries. In almost all those nations, the number of infections among children and young adults has increased drastically.

In America, the number of hospitalizations among children was lower than 2 for 100000 people in August and in the early days of September. This is the same as that of the peak during winter. The number of children being hospitalized has not increased considerably. But current estimations may make you feel that the virus is making children sicker. That, according to experts, is not the situation.

In a general scenario, children, if infected with the virus, experience only mild or moderate symptoms. And they don’t require hospitalization.

Vaccines available for COVID 19 are effective against the Delta variant. Among children eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccine, hospitalization is ten times more among the unvaccinated than those who are inoculated against the infection.

Do the following and you will protect your children from the Delta variant:

  1. Vaccinate them at the earliest opportunity

Vaccination still remains the most powerful tool to stay safe from COVID 19. Tell your child about the importance of getting vaccinated and let them know that it protects not only them but also those around him.

Try to ensure that those interacting with your child are vaccinated. If not, insist that they should at least mask up.

  1. Practice good hygiene

See to it that your children practice good hygiene.  Encourage them to cough or sneeze into their elbow and teach them to wash their hands from time to time. Washing hand is the most effective way to prevent the virus spreading to others.

  1. Encourage them to mask up

COVID 19 is a disease that transmits through the droplets from the nose and throat. Thus wearing a mask is one among the powerful ways to ward off the disease.

Maintaining social distance too will help a lot. Teach your children to maintain at least three feet distance from others. You should also ensure that the building your children are in has good ventilation.

  1. Don’t prevent them from playing outside

The risk of getting infected with COVID 19 is quite low when children play outside. In fact, it is far better than playing indoors where the air remains stagnant.

If your children love videogames, see to it that you stream together, at least once a day. 

Try to come up with innovative ways to let your children play outside and minimize exposure to COVID 19. Remaining active is a must to stay healthy for children and adults alike.

Encourage them to be open with you. You should know when they feel sick for any reason.

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