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Dr. Peter Hotez Welcomes CDC’s Endorsement Of Vaccines For Pregnant Women

There is widespread misinformation about vaccines are not safe for pregnant women. Amidst this, the Centres for Disease Control has updated its guidance and endorsed that vaccines are safe and must for pregnant women. CDC has geared a campaign for pregnant women.

Dr Peter Hotez said that anti-vaccine groups have spread a lot of misinformation about COVID-19 cases that can even lead to infertility. Hotez is the current co-director of the Centre of Vaccine development at Children’s hospital in Texas. It seems the anti-vaccine groups have been using the data about the HPV vaccine to the COVID-19 vaccine. This information had false accusations like the COVID-19 vaccine causing cervical cancer and infertility. This was a big lie being circulated.

Dr. Peter Hotez Welcomes CDC’s Endorsement Of Vaccines For Pregnant Women

CDC has endorsed this campaign for pregnant women because the highly transmissible delta variant is spreading widely. The daily data of the infected have been crossing 100,000. A study showed that only 23% of pregnant women are first-dose vaccinated. The new CDC advice reflects recent recommendations from top doctors. Though CDC initially encouraged pregnant women to get vaccinated in between the focus was lost. This new advice from CDC also includes new nursing mothers and women planning to get vaccinated.

Dr. Peter Hotez Welcomes CDC’s Endorsement Of Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Though actual pregnant women were not subjected to clinical trials and studies health experts believe thousands of women believe vaccines are safe in pregnancy and may even offer protection to the newborn.

Dr. Jane Martin said that this recent outbreak is the worst of all and it feels exhausting and disheartening. In the past year, it was seen many pregnant women being sick and getting hospitalized. Also, few cases led to abortions and stillbirths. This shows pregnant women are at higher risk and need to be fully vaccinated. The vaccination rates of pregnant women are still considerably low.

Considerations before getting vaccinated

Even after CDC urges it is still an individual choice for pregnant women to get vaccinated. They may consider talking about the same to their personal health care provider. FDA’s emergency authorization unit said it’s better to discuss with health care providers if a pregnant woman or lactating mother is doubtful about vaccination. Vaccines do not contain the live virus so getting vaccinated will not be a risk to the baby.

CDC recommendations have been aligned with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. If a woman gets pregnant after her first dose of vaccine, then it is advisable to get the second shot too for full protection. The vaccination doesn’t cause infection to anyone even if they are breastfeeding. In fact, the studies have shown breastfeeding mothers have antibodies in their breastmilk which will help protect the babies too. If a woman is vaccinated there is no requirement to stop breastfeeding.

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Infertility and Vaccination

Health officials said that there was no reason anyone should delay their pregnancy after getting vaccinated. A confusion crept in when false news circulated on social media that said spike protein on coronavirus was the same as spike protein syncytin-1 which is involved in the growth and attachment of the foetus during pregnancy. Later studies confirmed that this information was a complete misguided one. Vaccination will never affect the fertility of women even through IVF methods. There were women who volunteered who was actually pregnant in Pfizer clinical trials. There were 23 women and out of which the only one suffered a miscarriage. She hadn’t received the vaccine but a placebo.

Vaccinations and myths about ASD

There is news about Vaccination causing Autism Spectrum Disorder in kids. But health officials have confirmed that it is no way near the truth.

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