Early Birth May Hamper A Child’s Development

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 3, 2021

Even a little early birth or premature birth before gestation period of 30 weeks may cause a risk in the development of a child and create a problem, found by new research as we know that most premature births have risk and issues in the development of a child, but initial research has focused more on those birth which is extremely preterm of around 23-26 weeks.

Early Birth May Hamper A Child’s Development

A normal gestation period is about 39-41 weeks, but there are too less study and facts which are known for those children who took birth moderately at around 27-35 weeks. To get more information related to this study, researchers looked and research with around 3000+ children who are above 5 years in France.

Early Birth May Hamper A Child’s Development

Those children were born between 25-34 weeks and compared those kids with a group of more than 600 kids who were born after the usual period to find the difference and the issues between them in the difference in mental and physical growth.

After dealing with some other factors, researchers have also found that those kids who took birth even a little earlier had higher chances of disabilities for neurodevelopmental like deafness, a low function of the brain, less growth in body, blindness and cerebral palsy.

Most children who were born in the premature period had at least a single trait among them for the developmental intervention; it is examined by the school and their home teacher as compared to a quarter of those children who born after a normal period.

The most common concern was the natural behavior of the children, which parents, as well as teachers, have reported. These findings of these premature birth disabilities were published under BMJ on April 28. Also, it is found that children born in poor families have higher chances for neurodevelopmental issues. 

AS it is observational research, so it will not help us verify the cause of these issues, noticed by Veronique Pierrat, who is a study author in Tenon Hospital in Paris. But some researches have shown that premature birth poses a huge burden in educational systems, health care and the families of those children as they are more sensitive, added Veronique and the team in the release of journal news. 

Although, researchers also find that these disabilities of neurodevelopmental issues rated have reduced with the growth in the gestational age. Around 35% of average to extreme preterm birth of children had fewer disabilities which require less care and special treatment or in educational systems. They start behaving like a common kid who took birth after a normal time.

Many parents of those kids with preterm birth expressed their feelings and concerns for their kids about the inner and outer development, particularly in the behaviour and understanding process of the children.

The researchers also come to an end about these difficulties which are faced by the group of kids and also their families not being underestimated and feel insecure about these traits as one of the researchers have already focused on reduction in the chances of disabilities after an increase in their age and growth of their physical body as well as mental. 

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