Eat The Right Types Of Food To Minimize Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 20, 2022

Cancer has been one of the significant causes of mortality throughout the world, especially in New World countries. The lifestyle followed by the people has been attributed as the root cause of many such fatal diseases. Amongst the female population, one type that has been a severe cause of concern is cancers of the cervix. Cervical cancers are being considered one of the significant gynecological disorders that have been linked to dietary factors.

Eat The Right Types Of Food To Minimize Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancers usually occur because of human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, leading to cervical cell abnormalities, causing cancers. The virus is said to cause about 99.7 % of the cases. Although most of these infections are asymptomatic and cannot be detected under normal conditions, they are usually diagnosed while going through general Pap smear or HPV tests.

Eat The Right Types Of Food To Minimize Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer

HPV vaccines are available which are said to minimize the chances of contracting such ailments of the cervix. Although the virus is considered responsible for cancers, recently, studies have linked dietary habits as one of the major drivers of eliminating risks of this type of cancer.

The Western diet consisting primarily of food high in trans and saturated fats, sugars, and sodium, is highly inflammatory devoid of nutrients, which causes the immune systems to lose their strength. Such an unhealthy diet, in turn, disturbs the probiotic gut contents that make it difficult to handle the challenges posed by HPV infections.

The lack of a healthy immune and gut system increases the chances of contracting several diseases, including cervix cancers. An estimate of The American Cancer Society says that in the year 2022, approximately 14,000 women would be required to get diagnosed with cervical cancers. 

A study with about 300,000 women volunteers suggested that increased consumption of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, approximately 100 grams, reduced the risks for cervical cancers. They are sources of Vitamins A, D, E, C, and K, carotenoids, beta carotenes, lutein, and zeaxanthin that help to suppress the infection caused by the virus.

Also, nutrients like folate, Vitamin D, and lycopene present in them can help the stages of cancer from progressing. These nutrients have a synergistic effect in controlling the spread of infections, thus, controlling the tumor formations. Besides fruits and vegetables, food sources like lean meats, whole grain food, nuts, seeds, spices like ginger, garlic, onion, low-fat dairy products, and different types of legumes are also said to help.

This kind of nutrient-rich Mediterranean diet can be a solution to prevent the chances of getting cancers of the cervix. Inclusions of food rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins can help combat the ill effects of HPV, thus, preventing cancers to a large extent. Such foods are rich in dietary fiber and low in sugar and unhealthy fats.

A high inflammatory potential Western diet consisting of large amounts of processed food items, sugary beverages, high-calorie desserts, and salty food should be avoided at all costs. A 10 year-long study with 100,000 women candidates reported that an amount of 101-200 grams of red meat, pork, veal, or lamb could increase the risks of tumor growth in both pre-and post-menopausal women. However, plant-based sources of fats are said to be safe.

Not only a balanced diet rich in nutrients but a healthy lifestyle devoid of smoking can make a difference. Although environmental pollution also plays a vital role in aggravating several health conditions, diet is essential. Many women opt for at-home remedies to do away with the risks without any form of medical assistance. However, such remedies have no scientific basis, and hence, should not be encouraged at any cost. It is always best to consult an oncologist to discuss the situation and get the best treatments.

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