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Election 2020 Updates: Canvassers In Michigan County Certify Election

After the earlier deadlock of 2-2 on partisan lines, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers in Michigan unanimously voted to certify the election results. Not only that, but they also passed a resolution asking the Michigan Secretary of State to conduct a comprehensive audit of any discrepancies regarding the absentee ballots.

Election 2020 Updates: Canvassers In Michigan County Certify Election

In a surprising move, all four members of the board supported the certification unanimously. Earlier during the week, two Republican members of the board voted against certifying the results. However, one of the members later agreed to certify the election results for some jurisdictions. The Other member felt that this would make a mockery of the situation and did not support the move.

As the Republican members of the board did not initially support the results, many public commenters accused them of this regarding the county’s mandate given by the African American voters.

Congressman Perlmutter announced on Tuesday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and taking suitable precautions. Even though he did not have any symptoms, he planned to self isolate himself at home and work remotely considering the safety guidelines regarding covid-19. The virus has so far infected 23 other members of the US house of representatives this year.

He also suggested other people take adequate precautions and practice social distancing, and they are in public places. He added that wearing a mask can also help people to avoid getting infected. Also discouraged people from Having personal gatherings during the holiday season so that the number of cases can be controlled in this festive season.

Along with his wife, President Trump is all set to celebrate Thanksgiving at the White House this year. This is the first time they are celebrating the holiday in Washington DC. During the 2019 Thanksgiving event, Donald Trump paid a visit to the American troops in Afghanistan.

After the election results, Donald Trump has not made many public appearances. Soon after the results were announced, he went on to blame the electoral process and made false claims about widespread fraudulent activities during the recent elections. However, security agencies and election officials clarified that this was one of the most secure elections in the US’s history.

The Homeland security department had also made a statement regarding the electoral process and said that there was no interference from foreign Agencies or any fraudulent activities during the recent elections. This did not go well with Trump, and he announced the dismissal of the cyber chief. Trump tweeted that the Chief of Homeland security’s recent statements were highly inaccurate as there were massive fraudulent activities during the recent US elections.

Reacting to this message from Trump, Chris Krebs said that he was honoured to serve the department and he did what was right for the country. He also called for defending today so that tomorrow can be secured.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris was congratulated by republican colleagues on the Senate floor. Even after moving away from Congress, Harris would remain deeply involved in the Senate and expected to be an influential voice in the White House.

Joe Biden held a virtual meeting with the Foreign Affairs Advisors and defense experts as part of its preparation to join office in January. Even as Trump continues to challenge the election results, Biden is making all the necessary preparations to take charge of the White House.

Biden is also planning a foreign policy that will reflect the values and needs of the US. He held discussions with several Heads of States and experts to understand the country’s biggest challenges and how diplomacy and military can help them resolve those challenges. Said that there was no bigger responsibility than protecting the people of America and he needs to get inputs from all the experts in the country.

Several retired members of the Army participated in the meeting and provided valuable inputs to the upcoming president. Biden also committed to engaging with Israel after winning elections. His book with the Prime Minister of Israel told that there was a special bond between the countries. The two leaders discussed many issues and committed to having a warm relation between the countries in the future.

Even Trump had good relations with the Israel prime minister and worked with him on several issues. It would be interesting to see how this relationship will continue in the near future with the change in government.

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