Election Officials Say No Evidence Of Compromise With Voting Systems

The national coalition of election security officials said that there was no evidence of any sort of compromise with the voting systems in the general elections held last week. They described the US 2020 elections as the most secure in American history and discarded the claims of Donald Trump that voter fraud had happened in many states. This comes as a big relief for most Americans as it puts to rest all the doubts regarding the electoral process.

The coalition said that there was no evidence that the voting system deleted or changed any votes in any way. They added that there is a proper paper record of each vote in every state, and it can be checked if necessary. In this way, it has become an added advantage for security and resilience wherein any mistakes can be corrected in the future.

The Trump campaign had alleged that voter fraud happened in several states and challenged the results in some regions of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The election officials said that even though they are aware of the unfounded claims by some people, they have the utmost confidence in the system.

John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, had earlier said that Iran and Russia obtained voter registration information and they may try to undermine the candidacy of Donald Trump. However, the post-election statement comes in a different tone and puts to rest all the doubts regarding the election process.

Months before the elections, the Trump campaign began preparations to challenge the electoral process, and they wanted to somehow stick to in-person voting even during the pandemic. However, as the number of coronavirus cases started growing with every passing month, mail-in ballots became the inevitable choice for many people.

Millions of people across the country chose to vote by mail, and this is a record number for any US election to date. As Biden had offered complete support for the mail-in voting system, the Trump campaign began allegations that such methods can lead to widespread voter fraud and hamper the electoral process. Other than that, they were not happy with the delay that can happen due to such systems. Many people had claimed that it would take many weeks for the US Postal service to get all the mail-in votes, and the results could be announced only after a few weeks.

However, such issues were cleared even before elections when the USPS assured that they had the capacity to handle millions of mail-in ballots in quick time without any hassles. Other than that, even the early voting dates were extended in some regions to ensure that all voters did not have to crowd on the election day. But the Trump campaign was not in favor of such methods as it could give the Democrats some advantage in the elections.

For this reason, they claimed that voter fraud had happened in many states and even filed several lawsuits in this regard. But the courts did not consider most of them as they did not make much difference to the final outcome, and most of the lawsuits involved only a few votes that numbered less than a hundred in many states. The courts clearly mentioned that such lawsuits only intended to delay the results, and it would not serve any purpose in the long run.

Finally, most of the lawsuits were rejected, and the Trump campaign failed miserably in its attempt to malign the electoral system. The results were clear, and it was evident to the Republicans even before the elections.

When the unofficial numbers about the early voting and mail-in ballots started coming before the election day, it indicated a clear advantage to Biden. Due to this, Trump had to depend majorly on a huge turnout on election day to get a second term at the office. However, in many battleground states, the results tilted in favor of Biden, and Trump lost by a comfortable margin.

Democrats were always in favor of mail-in ballots, and they even encouraged voters to use this method so that they need not risk coming out on election day due to the pandemic. This was also suggested by many health authorities as several people gathering on election day can lead to a spike in the number of infections across the country.

On the other hand, Donald Trump did not consider the pandemic as a serious threat right from the beginning and even held rallies with thousands of followers without considering social distancing norms. Trump was also not a huge fan of wearing a mask, and he openly criticized it on many occasions. Due to such acts, most of his supporters also attended rallies without wearing masks. All these things also had a role to play in the spike in the number of coronavirus cases in some states.

Trump himself was infected with Covid 19 just a few weeks before the election and had to reschedule some of his rallies. However, he managed to recover quickly and got back to election rallies. Biden has always been advocating the usage of masks in public places. Biden was also seen wearing a mask during most of his public rallies during the elections. The message from the Democrats in this regard was clear, and they did not want to compromise on public safety during the elections.

Finally, after the results were announced, the Trump campaign made some last-minute desperate attempts to delay the results by filing several lawsuits. As most of them did not stand ground, they had to concede defeat. At one point, Trump had even indicated that a peaceful transfer of power might not happen. This led to a lot of panic among the business community, who feared violence and riots after the elections if the results were very close.

However, as the margin was not so close, untoward incidents did not happen on a large scale, and security agencies were able to manage the crowd in most cases. With the election officials issuing an official statement regarding the electoral process, the Trump campaign has finally given up and officially conceded the defeat to the Democrats.

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