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Election Updates 2020: Michigan Certifies Biden As Winner

Now, the state begins to certify the vote counts soon after the hard-fought victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the presidential race. President Donald Trump has not yet conceded the race since Biden and Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect, will take office in January.

Election Updates 2020: Michigan Certifies Biden As Winner

Now, the agency has cleared Biden’s way or his transition to begin officially.  As per the key Trump administration appointee, she will allow President-elect Joe Biden to start the official transition on Monday. She will let his team get access to office space, briefings, government services, and secure computers necessary for power growth.

Meantime, it is also formally marked by the Trump administration that Joe Biden achieved a Nov.3 election victory. Even now, the president is refusing to concede and is continuously making unbelievable and false allegations regarding voter fraud.

The Trump appointee, Emily Murphy, was holding the keys to transition tools and funds, and she delays issuing an official determination on Biden Victory. The reason behind that is that the Trump campaign has already filed lawsuits and challenges the results showing Biden’s victory.

But, now Michigan has certified Joe Biden’s victory on Nov.3 presidential race. On Monday, the election board of Michigan voted to certify the Victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the state. The committee wanted to avoid potential delay and stalemate since three board members ultimately agreed on the state’s legal duty.

The board named Board of State Canvassers contains two Republicans and two Democrats, and the board achieved 3-0 to certify results. The result showed that President-elect Joe Biden has successfully defeated Donald Trump by 154,187 votes. But among four, one of the Republican members has refused to vote.

There were over three hours of public comment, and that followed the board’s vote. Even though it was a usual and routine sign-off, it is watched very closely even in the middle of climate hyper-partisanship. There was urging by Trump allies to Republican board members, and they requested to block certification since there are baseless claims regarding voter fraud. ‘The election was stolen from him,’ another falsely claim by the president. More than 30000 people on YouTube watched the proceedings.

The board’s Republican vice chairman Aaron Van Langevelde said, ‘we should never attempt to try and exercise the power that we simply do not pose.’He was one of the Republican members on the board, and he broke with his GOP colleague. He also added, ‘The law is clear in this case. I find a clear and legal duty, and my job is to certify the results of the election, and I am here to certify the returns given to us. There is no way we should, or we cannot go beyond it.’

The vote also followed more than two-weeks of double-checking on votes and tallies in Michigan’s 83 countries. There were inaccuracies found, but that was normal and expected from unofficial members, corrected. For example, in Michigan’s Senate race, a Democrat, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, actually defeated John James, a Republican, just by 92,000 votes.

The director of the Michigan Bureau of Elections, Jonathan Brater, also conveyed no evidence to show widespread irregularities in the Michigan board’s results. He also added that, including Detroit, there are no irregularities found. He also added that latest election was one of the extremely well-run as well as secure elections.’

But Michigan Republican Party, the Republican National Committee, and allies of Trump and James pushed the election board to postpone the certificate’s announcement for two weeks. The chairwoman of the state party, Laura Cox, said, ‘too many questions and too many answered’. They all need answering, and there is a need in the state to remove the strong sense of procedural disenfranchisement that most of the Michigan voters felt.’

Chris Thomas is Michigan’s former director of elections. He is widely respected by both Republicans and Democrats, and he advised the election board to allow some delay in the certification. He said, ‘you are permitted and mandated to certify the results when the complete product is available. Of course, there is no reason, and I don’t suggest sitting on it for 40 days. What you were waiting all these days’

There were several losses experienced by the Trump team in court since they have taken significant aim at election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and even in many other battleground states since they are under a barrage of lawsuits.

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