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Election Updates: Georgia Certifies Biden Victory, Twitter To Transfer @POTUS Account

Georgia has finally certified Joe Biden’s victory in the state. Has officially given him 16 electoral votes and the Governor has officially signed the certification of his victory on Friday. Brian Kemp said that it was his responsibility as Governor to follow the law and he indicated that the numbers did not lie. The Recounting was started a week back, and it was noticed that unaccounted ballots in as many as four rural counties that came mostly from memory cards not uploaded.

Election Updates: Georgia Certifies Biden Victory, Twitter To Transfer @POTUS Account

Even though this gave some additional gains for Trump, it was not large enough to change the outcome of the elections. In the earlier count, Biden was leading by about 14000 votes, and it has now come down to 12284 votes. The Governor said that the errors were unacceptable and the public expected better from the election officials.

He said that it was hard to believe that thousands of uncounted ballots were found weeks after the thin presidential race was held in the state. The democrats had last won the presidential election in Georgia in 1992, and this comes as a huge victory for them. The legal team of Trump had demanded that Georgia officials should not certify election results as widespread voter fraud happened during the recent elections. However, the legal team of Trump failed to provide any evidence against the electoral process.

The Governor mentioned that the audit only looked at the ballots but did not review the signatures for the absentee ballots. This gives some chance for the Trump campaign to ask for a second recount if they can provide substantial evidence in this regard. He added that conducting a sample audit of signatures on absentee ballot envelopes should be a simple process and the signatures can be compared with those at the secretary of state’s office.

The Governor said that he was obliged by State Law to certify the election results before Saturday evening and his action has now paved the way for the Trump campaign to go ahead with other legal options if they want to pursue lawsuits in this region. In this situation, the Trump campaign is expected to choose a second recount, and this can be allowed as the margin is less than half percent. During the recount process, all the remaining paper ballots will be scanned again, and the signatures can be verified by the authorities.

Republican leaders of Georgia faced a lot of criticism from Trump supporters as they went ahead and certified the election result even without verifying the signatures of the absentee ballots. However, most of them said that they still supported Trump but had little options in this situation.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has unveiled two rules that are all set to lower the drug prices. He did not take any questions regarding the elections while making the announcement. One of the rules is expected to Limit rebates paid to middlemen in Medicare. The Medicare program is managed by the Federal government as part of their Health Care programme for disabled and elderly Americans. The second rule is expected to reduce drug prices shortly.

Twitter is all set to transfer the presidential accounts from Donald Trump to Joe Biden on the inauguration day even if Trump does not concede defeat. The official account for the president of The United States is @POTUS, and this is separate from the personal account of Donald Trump.

Even the personal account of Donald Trump will lose the current protections it has under the global leader policy of Twitter. Under this policy, even if any rules are broken by the posts made by such people, they will continue to remain online with an added warning label.

The transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts will happen on the 20th of January 2021. A similar process will be followed for the other white house accounts, including that of the Vice-President and Press Secretary. On the existing tweets on those accounts will be now archived by Twitter. It would be interesting to see how Twitter will continue to handle the controversial tweets of Donald Trump after he loses power. So far, Twitter has continued to put warnings on many of his controversial tweets regarding election results.

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