Elections And The Protests Becoming a Headache For The Security

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 6, 2020

In cities across the U.S. demonstrators took to the streets. Wednesday’s presidential election is inching closer to announcing a winner for the second night. The police is getting strict and trying hard to carry on the election process in a calm manner. Around Wednesdays and Saturdays, an alliance containing more than 165 grassroots parties, activist organizations and trade unions is being formed around the country for more than 100 events. Lead by Indivisible and Stand Up America political organizations, the coalition has vowed to avoid hundreds of scheduled gatherings.

Elections and the protests becoming a headache for the security

The President Trump Groups in Arizona and Las Vegas met to insist that poll officials begin to count votes. Protestors in Philadelphia saw posters reading “Count every vote.” In reaction to the “normal brutality” in Portland, Oregon, the Oregon Gov. Kate Brown authorized the State National Guard. About 20 protesters “in Manhattan who wanted to hid a nonviolent demonstration by setting torches, tossing litter, and eggs” were detained on Wednesday by the New York Police force.

Hundreds gathered for a “trump out” in downtown Chicago! A city-wide situational warning has been released for the second day in a row by the Los Angeles Police Department “to have adequate personnel to handle potential events arising from Election Day activities.” Four protesters, with smashed glass and spray art, were arrested in central Denver after receiving complaints of vandalism.

Doug Schepman, Denver Police Department Speaker, was supposed to book the four charges on suspicion of criminal malaise and other charges after being held in detention. They approached the police near East Colfax Lane, a corridor in the city centre. The Denver anchor and reporter, Deborah Takahara told KWGN and KDVR that officers had confiscated a rifle, knife, hammer and beer.

Oregon State Police Chief Tim Fox said at last Wednesday in a video shared on Twitter that there were at least ten people arrested and Oregon Gov. Kate brown turned on the National Guard to respond to “communal unrest” in Portland. At 22:00. PST update, Fox confirmed that one of those arrested had a gun, knife and toted an improvised explosive device. Police targeted at least one Molotov cocktail with the bottles hurled at them.

The police station in New York said over 20 protesters in Manhattan were arrested on Wednesday, “who sought to cover a nonviolent rally by lightning flames, trash and ego.” The agency shared pictures of Twitter flames. The NYPD also posted photographs of guns later Wednesday, which it said were “confiscated in protest.” “It cannot and will not be tolerated to carry weapons to the nonviolent demonstration,” tweeted the NYPD. “The crisis is now being de-escalated; anyone caught by a pistol will be arrested.”

Route 75 voters – tote posters, wave banners and Trump shirts – assembled for a short rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday night as voting officials certify the 2020 general election poll. A brief protest took place outside the Clark County Election Center. They yelled “Stop Steal,” and a guy with a U.S. flag mask said to cameras, ‘It’s time to purge.’ Despite an unfounded attack by the President and his campaign on Nevada’s electoral system, there was no proof to prove that the polls were robbed or illegitimate.

On Wednesday after marching to Interstate 94 and traffic-jammed, Minnesota State Patrol, and Minneapolis Police Department detained protesters on Twitter. The Minnesota State Patrol announced that a crowd of around 200 people marched on the interstate. The Police Department in Minneapolis has added I-94 areas and updated followers on Twitter to the public. The Trump supporters are turning out to be notorious day by day. They are making sure that the elections are not carried on a peaceful basis. They are behind the board to count each vote. 

Despite the arrests, demonstrators stayed “quiet overall,” WCCO-TV ‘s Jeff Wagner said. Hundreds of people assembled in the middle of town for a Trump-Out during Chicago’s night! Power for women! Power for people! “Protests co-organized by over a dozen groups who claim the defencing of the police, immigrant rights and more as a” post-election demonstration. “To count every vote!” sang the party. “Some of them wore T-shirts, which state ‘counting every vote,’ with the American Federation of Teachers, with long flags of the same words.

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