Elizabeth Woods Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, House, Husband, And More

Elizabeth Woods Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, House, Husband, And More

Elizabeth Woods, Jordyn Woods’ mother, is a well-known fashion model. Elizabeth and her husband, John Woods (a sound engineer), were the parents of four children. Elizabeth Woods’ husband, diagnosed with cancer on January 18, 2017, died two weeks later, on February 2, 2017.

Things To Know About Elizabeth Woods Age, Career, Net Worth

Liz remained a devoted wife even after John Woods passed away. For the most part, she is a middle-class mother who is loyal to her children and grandchildren.

Friend of the Smiths: Elizabeth and John PR and Mixed Image Media, where she works as a photographer and brand manager, are both owned by the Smiths.

Elizabeth Woods Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, House, Husband, And More

Her website indicates that she represents Jordyn Woods, the daughter of a reality show star or plus-size model. Elizabeth earned a BS in Business Administration from Wayne State University in California.

Elizabeth Woods

Multi-talented Elizabeth has various jobs. Elizabeth graduated from Wayne State University with honors in 2007. She is a photographer and executive with Mixed Image Media in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Woods, a well-known figure in the modeling business, is in charge of the management of Jordyn Woods, the famous model.


  • Following the death of Elizabeth’s husband in early January 2017, she has left a widow.
  • Elizabeth Woods is a married mother of two from Los Angeles.
  • The Smiths, the Kardashians, Shaun Ross and Ashley Graham, Kris Jenner, and other Hollywood families are among their long-time friends.
  • Her bio says Elizabeth Woods manages Jordyn Woods.
  • Since 2000, she has worked as a designer, researcher, and photographer, among other things.

Elizabeth Wood’s Early Life:

Elizabeth Woods is an American actress who grew up in Los Angeles. Even though her exact date of birth is unknown, Aquarius is her zodiac sign, and she is a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Elizabeth grew up in a middle-class family in Los Angeles. Her mother was a teacher at an elementary school in the same area. Like many of her elementary school contemporaries, Elizabeth had dreamed of being a model or actress when she was younger.  Elizabeth Woods, Jordyn Woods’ mother, is a well-known plus-size model in the United States.

Elizabeth Woods Age:

Elizabeth Woods is 53 years old on the day of their birthday. They were born in the United States of America on January 1, 1970, and are the parents of two children. According to our research, Elizabeth Woods’ net worth is anticipated to reach $5 million by 2022.

Elizabeth Woods dating, relationship, Boyfriend, and Husband

John Woods is her boyfriend, and Elizabeth Woods has been in a relationship with him for quite some time. Besides her husband, she has a family of her own. Her husband’s name is John Woods, and he is the father of her children. This couple is well-known as a result of the nature of their marriage. 

Close family and friends were in attendance for their wedding ceremony. They are the parents of four children: two daughters and two sons. Jodie Woods is the youngest of Elizabeth Woods’ three children, named after her father, John Sr., and his brother, Joshua.

Elizabeth Woods’ husband, fighting cancer for a long time, passed away on January 19, 2017. Two weeks before he died, he became afflicted with the illness that ultimately claimed his life. Jordyn Woods, the 19-year-old daughter of Elizabeth Woods, was found dead in her mother’s bed, according to police. Besides her two children, John Jr. is a model, and John III is a tattoo artist, among other things.

Elizabeth Woods Career:

According to her resume, Elizabeth also works as a talent manager for her daughter Jordyn. She owns a brand management company called Woods Management Group, which she founded with her husband. 

Building strong commercial alliances, planning integrated events for television, radio, and internet platforms, and negotiating with the media are her responsibilities as a public relations professional. Elizabeth is a woman who sets an excellent example for her children and is meticulous in her household.

Elizabeth Wood’s net worth:

Based on current estimates, Elizabeth Woods’ net worth is predicted to reach $5 million by August 2022.

What’s Elizabeth’s current address?

Elizabeth is a world traveler who currently resides in the Los Angeles neighborhood of West Hill with her husband and two children. Her personal life remained out of the public light even though she is a well-known socialite to maintain some privacy or protect herself from public intrusion.

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