Emily Bett Rickards’s Reason For Leaving Arrow Is Her Husband’s Net Worth

Emily Bett Rickards’s Reason For Leaving Arrow Is Her Husband’s Net Worth

The CW’s live-action portrayal of the DC Comics character Oliver Queen, nicknamed “Green Arrow,” sparked a whole new superhero universe on television.

Things To Know About Emily Bett’s Net Worth, Relationship

This series stars Stephen Amell who is the one who turned into a dark archer from a rich boy which concluded in January 2020. 

After that, Amell announced about leaving this show after eight seasons. “Arrow” was generally well-received by critics and fans, and it still has new Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Emily Bett Rickards’s Reason For Leaving Arrow Is Her Husband’s Net Worth

Why Is Emily Leaving Arrow?

Emily Bett Rickards used her Instagram account to announce that she will not be starring in Arrow’s eighth season, which aired before 2020 and was the series’ final season.

Given that she chose to announce a poem, people were skeptical about whether or not this was true. 

However, in a later interview with Collider about her character, Rickards stated that she was leaving “Arrow” before the end of the season because she thought Felicity Smoak’s time on the show had ended.

The actor had said that the program had known for over a year that this was going to happen, hinting that her departure was amicable.

Rickards’ statements were proven correct, as she did not appear as Felicity for virtually the entire eighth season of “Arrow.” She did, however, return in the series finale to wrap up Felicity and Oliver’s narrative.

Rickards would star in an Indie romance comedy called “We Need to Talk” with James Maslow of Big Time Rush (via Deadline), but she has been very idle in the industry since then. Rickards’ next move will be determined only by time. 

Emily’s relationship:

Emily Bett Rickards, 30 years old, has kept her dating status secret. Furthermore, Emily Bett Rickards’ previous lovers are unknown. 

In 2014 and 2015, Emily was linked to her co-star Colton Haynes. The tabloids initially mistook them for pals because they hung out during filming and even raved about each other on social media. 

Furthermore, two of them went on vacation to Greece, prompting people to believe they were a pair. However, in May 2016, Colton Haynes came out as gay, stopping rumors that he was dating Emily.

Colton Haynes:

Colton Haynes is a famous actor, singer, and model from the United States. He played Jackson Whittemore in the teen drama “Teen Wolf.”

He began modeling when he was fifteen years old and has since worked for Ralph Lauren, JCPenney, and Kira Plastinina. He made his first-ever debut in 2007, which was on “CSI: Miami,” but in the year 2010, he got his first significant role.

Emily‘s net worth:

Emily Bett Rickards’s net worth is around $2 million. She lives a comfortable lifestyle because of her acting career. Since 2009, Rickards has worked in the film and television industries.

She also used her money to help others by donating to charity. A major part of her net worth is from her acting career and she also earns from modeling. 

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