EMMA, The New AI Robot Masseuse For New-Age Massages

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 6, 2021

A robot has been taking 6 years to be developed to deliver messages. It is named EMMA by the startup AiTreat. great has been working on this robot to work on artificial intelligence. This robot can give ancient wellness massage to help people across nations to boost their health.

You can get Tui Na from EMMA the robot working on AI

This robot developed by a Singaporean startup AiTreat can deliver Tui Na to those who make an appointment. Tui Na is very similar to deep tissue massage which has been given as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM has been given for thousands of years across China and Southeast Asia. EMMA is a high-tech update of this traditional massage that will get you rejuvenated.

EMMA, The New AI Robot Masseuse For New-Age Massages

EMMA works on sensors and 3D vision to work best

Expert Manipulative Massage Automation or EMMA has been named after the system. EMMA uses pressure points to be identified and then gives deep tissues massage. Tui Na offers relief from pain which the high-tech robot can work on. You can expect relief from muscle pain and increased rejuvenation with this AI robot-delivered massage.

The tech company assures efficient massages that can suit your needs

EMMA can be customized to the needs of the receiver, assured the CEO of AiTreat, Albert Zhang. Albert Zhang stated that this robot can be flexible to individual needs and can be personalized as well. He hopes to bring better treatment in the form of messages to people. He further mentioned that these massages are cost-effective to suit everyone.

New startup AiTreat based in Singapore started in 2015

Albert Zhang studied biomedical sciences at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Zhang uses his knowledge of treatment as he is a trained physician in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He has been diagnosing and delivering treatment to patients. In his observation, he noted that these treatments were mostly tedious and repetitive.

EMMA can be used in place of preventive treatment

This robotic treatment works on a soft-touch treatment module to deliver massages. EMMA is warmed to temperatures of about 38 to 40 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit). Albert Zhang makes sure that the messages this robot gives are as true as a real person’s massage. He also details that his preference for robotic massages is for treatment, and he likes real masseuses.

This AI-powered robot can perform better than expectations

Apart from being cost-effective, EMMA can work on the 10% highly skilled part. It can break free from the set form of massages given by people as it can be customized. Such flexible forms of massages can reduce pressure on one part and increase productivity. It can see four patients and operate two in a day as compared to the one done by a physician.

This time-saving robot can save you labor and much time

Albert Zhang explained that traditional Chinese medicine practitioners need to take years of training. After this training, they are accredited, and they need additional certificates to be fit for treating patients. They need a lot to give therapeutic massages like the Tui Na or acupuncture. While his technological advancement can solve all these problems without much time and effort.

Understanding the proficiency of EMMA, the AI robot

This artificial intelligence-run robot is trained with thousands of data points to perform efficiently. It has been trained to look after bodies of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Thus, it is highly capable of delivering the best massages owing to the high tech and advanced training. EMMA can calculate the medians and acupoints as well, in the people.

You can look for a more holistic treatment because of all the data

EMMA with its sensors working on artificial intelligence can detect muscle stiffness. The diagnosis can be more holistic owing to this informed process. For example, if one has knee pain, this robot will not only massage the legs but also the lower back. Different types of massages can be received from this robot including Sports massages.

Future improvements expected with robots to do more work in this area

A medical robot to perform and help with more work is a vision of Albert Zhang. A medical robot to work as a physiotherapist is in the making. Eleven robots have been sent to eight clinics in Singapore. He looks forward to creating more AI robots to cater to the increased demand.

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