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England’s Decision To Lift COVID Lockdown Dangerous To The Whole World, Warn Scientists

Scientists across the globe have expressed concern over the UK’s decision to lift almost all COVID restrictions. For them, it is unethical and immature. The decision poses danger to the whole world. They expressed their disagreement during a virtual summit yesterday.

The meeting came in the wake of over 1200 scientists supported a letter to the medical journal Lancet. In it, the scientists described the UK Prime Minister’s decision as disastrous.

England’s Decision To Lift COVID Lockdown Dangerous To The Whole World, Warn Scientists

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing harsh criticism from scientists for his decision to ease almost all COVID restrictions in the UK. They dubbed the statement unethical and immature. Scientists and Government advisers across the globe attended a virtual meeting on Friday. They warned that Britain is heading for a disaster. The UK Government had announced that it will remove all remaining COVID 19 restrictions by Monday.

England’s Decision To Lift COVID Lockdown Dangerous To The Whole World, Warn Scientists

UK will witness the easing of almost all COVID 19 restrictions like mask mandate and social distancing by Monday. According to the Prime Minister, the move is irreversible. He justified his decision and said that this is the right time to move forward. The country should do it before the weather gets cold and before students return to school after the holidays.

Health officials, on the other hand, urge utmost caution. The UK should evaluate its steps before going forward. The Government should not revert the country’s life to normalcy in rush on Monday.

Summer is fast approaching. And there is the possibility of the virus mutating further.  It may be capable of infecting vaccinated people. They reminded the UK Government that England is the world’s travel hub. Any variant that emerges in the country is a threat to the entire world. The country has seen it. Some among them are even certain that England is the reason for the spread of the Delta variant through Europe and North America.

Some even warn that the entire world is watching the UK; a preventable catastrophe is unfolding in the country.

Experts in New Zealand expressed amazement at the UK Government’s decision to ease almost all coronavirus restrictions. The country seems to adopt a herd immunity strategy. No one can accept it, they say. The approach has been a failure all over the world.

New Zealand is the view as a success in stopping coronavirus infections inside the country. And it is slowly returning to normalcy. At present, it has only 48 active cases. All the infected were people who entered the country from outside. Nine among them were reported within a single day. 

According to a virologist in the US, the world expects prudent policies from the UK. The unfortunate situation is that this is not what is happening at the time of this pandemic.  The more impulsive among the countries in the world will follow suit and will get into disaster. He also slams the herd immunity policy. The approach is murder in its real form. Thousands of people may die if the country adopts this policy.

Health experts in Spain condemn the move. They too are of the view that the rest of the world will imitate Britain.

Health officials in the UK feel that this is the right time to act. But it should be the opposite of what is being proposed on Monday. Opening up when the pandemic is still raging does not make sense. It is not going to protect the countrymen, they point out.

For health officials in Taiwan, the movie is like removing the umbrella while it is raining heavy. Until now, the world is unable to vaccinate the younger generation. And it will suffer badly because of the current high rate of long COVID among youngsters.

To open up a country when an epidemic is still raging is inviting disaster in its true sense, they warn.

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