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Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Review- Arachidonic Acid Stored Body Building Supplements!

Here is my Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review. Fitness is an essential driving force for most of us these days. It is easier to set a routine with an accessible gym in the building complex or with numerous gyms handing out various packages at a discounted price. There are many forms of training that are popular. HIIT, Endurance, Resistance Training, etc.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Review: A Scientifically Proven Muscle Builder Supplement!

If you have ever done resistance training, you’ll agree upon all the adversities that come along with it. Fret no more with this Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, I will introduce you to a medical blessing that will act as your ally in this journey of building strength and endurance.

And if you are a newbie to the world of bodybuilding, here’s the little primer for your initiation. Resistance training is a form of exercise that focusses primarily on improving muscle strength and endurance. It’s also known as weight lifting or strength training.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement Review

Commonly in Resistance training, the subject involved moves their limbs against the resistance of the body weight, gravity, bar weights, resistance bands, etc. As rewarding as they can be, these training can leave you sore and blown up with inflammations. There is a lot the body needs to cope with to eventually show results that you covet. Let us discuss more in this Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review.

Product NameEnhanced Arachidonic Acid
CategoryMuscle Strength
Main BenefitsHelps to build muscles
IngredientsNatural & Proven ingredients
Administration Route Oral
  • Weighing less than 150 pounds- Take 3 capsules in a day
  • 150-200 pounds- Take 4 capsules in a day.
  • 200-250 pounds- Take 5 capsules in a day 
  • Weigh over 250 pounds- Take 6 capsules in a day
Quantity120 Capsules per bottle
Alcohol WarningNo Restrictions
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
Price$39.00 per bottle ( Check Discounted Price )
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here


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About Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement

Arachidonic Acid Supplement, in a nutshell, is polyunsaturated fat. Scientifically, Enhanced Arachidonic Acid plays a vital role in the growth and repair of the muscle tissue. Hypertrophy is a process used to increase and grow muscle cells. This increase in muscle size is achieved through exercise. A Muscle builder Arachidonic Acid supplement is a quintessential dietary component in the muscle hypertrophic process.

Naturally, when the body breaks free ARA due to normal wear and tear of hard training – you experience post-training pain and inflammation. This is seen as a distress call by the body, and it starts the process of repairing the damaged tissues. An Arachidonic Acid Supplement triggers the same process of muscle building even without any wear or muscle damage.

Benefits of Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Capsules 2020

When a person starts with resistance training, the most common issue they face is a ‘plateau’ effect. In strength training, one needs to constantly adjust the routine in order to challenge the muscle and to sustain the growth. As per the Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, If you blindly follow the same regime you will soon hit a plateau where the muscle growth completely stops.

What happens internally is that the weight training depletes the levels of arachidonic acid stored in the muscle tissue. And when that happens, you lose the temporary inflammation that is essential for building new muscle tissue. Scientists believe that the depletion in the arachidonic acid level could be a primary reason for the “plateau effect”.

This can be easily mitigated by including Enhanced Arachidonic Acid capsules in your diet and pumping the body with much needs ARA for building those muscles. Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement benefits out way any adverse effects that steroids and other drugs have on one’s body. They are natural and very safe.

And by adding Enhanced Arachidonic Acid capsules in your regular diet, you will never see yourself hitting a plateau and see the results of your hard work in flesh and blood.

How does Enhanced Arachidonic Acid work?

Resistance training means a lot of weight training. Lifting the weight bars, dumbbells, resistance band workouts, etc. And when you lift these weights, the muscle cells that are damaged send out a distress signal to enzymes to flock around the damaged tissue and free arachidonic acid that’s in the intercellular membrane.

In turn, the arachidonic acid that’s released creates a localized enzyme called prostaglandins. According to Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, prostaglandins are responsible to regulate the process of inflammation, which stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle cells. This is the same enzyme that causes pain and inflammation post-training. As much as we hate being sore, it necessary for building the muscles.

Hence, Muscle builder Arachidonic Acid supplement ensures that the level of ARA is maintained in your body, aiding to the essential inflammation. This way, Enhanced Arachidonic Acid capsules supplements work with your body to achieve that body mass goal you’ve been striving for.

Research proves that those trainers that were supplemented by ARA display higher lean body mass, improved strength, and power.

Internally Enhanced Arachidonic Acid supplements ensure that they naturally prevent the body from adapting to the training and hence help in breaking through a plateau. These also allow inflammation-induced growth to carry on way beyond a body’s traditional limits.

Ingredients of Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement

Apart from being produced by our body enzymes, research shows that tiny amounts of Arachidonic acid occur naturally in the food we intake. But the amount is very negligible. By reading Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, the prime source of ARA is red meat. And it occurs more specifically in the organ meat. Particularly in the brain and liver.

For example, a beef roast serving of 3-ounce is believed to contain 0.042 grams and a big hard-boiled egg is said to contain 0.074 grams of ARA.

Red Meat Arachidonic Acid is engineered to contain the same goodness but enough to supplement your body’s needs.

Pros & Cons of Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Pills


  • Increased muscle mass
  • Fast recovery post-training
  • No more hitting the plateau
  • Does not require PCT
  • Achieve roadmap vascularity
  • Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement ingredients are completely natural and safe.
  • Ingredients are scientifically-backed by research


  • You need to follow a proper regime to see the full result
  • Maintaining a dosage schedule is necessary for faster results
  • Not much research on the long term effects of Enhanced Arachidonic Acid supplement

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement reviews

How to use Arachidonic Acid Tablets?

By analyzing Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, it is important that follow a regulated dosage schedule when ingesting supplements. This ensures that you see results faster and your body draws complete benefit from them.

The directives, as shared by the company is as follows:

Arachidonic Acid Dosages:

The ARA dosage varies based on the bodyweight of the person. As mentioned in the Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, an average person weighing less than 150 pounds should take 3 capsules in a day. Someone in the range of 150-200 pounds is expected to consume 4 capsules. One within 200-250 pounds should consume 5 capsules and all those that weigh over 250 pounds must take 6 capsules.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement ingredients

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Arachidonic Acid Dosage Schedule:

The schedule is primarily sub-categorized in three categories:

  • Pre Workout
  • Arachidonic Acid
  • Rage
  • During Workout
  • Anabolic IV
  • Post Workout
  • Black Ox
  • EPI Muscle
  • Phytodrol

The company offers free shipping within the United States via its First Class Mail. International Shipping is provided by DHL. It spans over 120 countries.

They also have a bundle package discount going on right now. Go grab yours at the following prices:

For a single bottle, it costs $.39.99. A package of three bottles is available at $99.99. And the best offer being, five bottles up for grab at a steal of just $149.99.

Who is Enhanced Arachidonic Acid for?

According to the Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, a seasoned trainer or a newbie, Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement benefits everyone alike. If you are someone who does not believe in pumping the body with artificial steroids to get the muscle mass, I hear you. It’s very important that you keep your diet clean and know where the food you eat comes from.

Red Meat Arachidonic Acid is natural and scientifically backed. So be assured that by adding these to your diet your body will only be benefitting from their goodness.

Given that they are priced so affordably anybody can incorporate it in their daily diet.

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Does Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Really Help to Build Your Muscles?

As a trainer myself, I can assure you these supplements work like a charm. Here’s what I have noticed. Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement supplement works best for three types of athletes:

  • Those that find it hard to push past plateau even after periodization.
  • Powerlifters that use their taper period for maximizing their performance in a day and don’t really want to lose these gains made which eventually lead up to a taper period.
  • High trainers that are looking for an extra boost to their performance and supplement muscle growth.

But not just the professionals, even beginners can start their strength training journey with Enhanced Arachidonic Acid supplements. What’s necessary is that you follow a strict regime and follow it efficiently. But be forewarned, ARAs are considered to be pro-inflammatory. A trained individual will remain unfazed, but it can be a scary affair for a newbie. Good thing about

According to the Enhanced Arachidonic Acid review, Enhanced Arachidonic Acid capsules are that they are designed to confine the inflammation to periods during and after your training. You will learn to live with it. Because inflammations during and post-workout are quite natural.

Arachidonic Acid Supplement reviews


Here’s my takeaway from the entire experience. Enhanced Arachidonic Acid supplements are natural and very safe. They don’t come with any adverse effects. They are affordable.

The results that they’ve shown to date are quite impressive and trustworthy. I have seen high performers break through the plateau after including Arachidonic Acid Supplements in their dietary routine. Not only have they gained mass but also improved their performance in due course.

Researches prove that they maximize body performance in the most natural way possible. By reading Enhanced Arachidonic Acid Supplement, this ensures that you get the most of all the hard work you do during your resistance training. Although there need to be more researches performed on their effect in the long term, I think it’s safe to say these are the cleaned supplement you’ll get your hands on.


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